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The district is defined geographically by country seats of the Livingston family. The drafters of the NHL application emphasized the role of the Livingston family in establishing feudal estates of the Hudon valley an aspect not always viewed so favorably, e. However,the significance of the area in terms of architecture and landscape architecture see NHL application in prior post is said to include Vaux, Downing, and other influences that clearly bear on Olana.

See, e. Se io fossi un costruttore edile e lavorassi in periferia, le installerei sulle palazzine di nuova costruzione stile ranch.

Scommetto che la gente, ormai stanca di guardare la televisione o di giocare a ping-pong, prima o poi proverebbe a incatenarsi, magari con soddisfazione. In breve tempo, diventerebbe l'occupazione preferita. Si sentirebbero mogli confidare alle amiche:"Ieri sera mio marito mi ha incatenata. I padri, tornando dal lavoro, troverebbero tutta la famiglia riunita per incatenarli come punizione per essere stati tanto idioti da lavorare tutto il giorno per mandare avanti la baracca.

I parenti anziani , che in casa danno fastidio, potrebbero venir incatenati in garage e liberati una volta al mese in modo che possano firmare l'assegno della pensione. Forse dovrei sviluppare questo concetto nei miei appunti.

Submit please! External image Nuevas realidades; nuevas narraciones. Treme , emitida y patrocinada por el canal norteamericano HBO. View On WordPress. And I was trying to come up with something new. So, I came up with these fun Pompom Pots. Perfect for parties, weddings, showers, and just for fun decor anywhere. Let me know what you think. External image. External image Pompom pots. See all stories on this topic.

Permanent link to this post 54 words, estimated 13 secs reading time. Log in Sign up. Fully loaded. Another great Hell on Wheels quote: Bohannan: I could kill about 5 of you.

Toole: You hear that? Bohannan: Oh, I got 6 bullets. I was gonna shoot you twice. I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against our century. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.

Archimedes amplify. Fate Apocrypha Toole Gordes git rekt gordes. Reilly, the main character in Confederacy of Dunces. Fortuna, you vicious slut. Reilly a confederacy of dunces toole books. Toole J K Conjura necios novel novela. From under his mother's roof, Toole built the epic Ignatius with the wit of Shakespeare and the soul of Rabelais. Must-Read Monday. Mesh Pompom Pots. I do admire the terror which Negroes are able to inspire in the hearts of some members of the white proletariat and only wish This is a rather personal confession.

The Negro terrorizes simply by being himself; I, however, must browbeat a bit in order to achieve the same end. Perhaps I should have been a Negro. I suspect that I would have been a rather large and terrifying one. Kinda feeling likeā€¦ Dead, too, ya know? Just god damn Dracula black. Mickey Rourke The Expendables Toole quotation. New Post has been published on Plymouth PL. Want to see more posts tagged toole?


Translation of "band of idiots" in Italian



Consolers of the lonely - Raconteurs - Una banda di idioti


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