Tuesday Lobsang Rampa is the spirit of a dead Tibetan lama monk who allegedly took over the body of Cyril Hoskin , a British-born son of a plumber who lived in Ireland in the mids and moved to Canada in the s. He died in Calgary in The publisher sent a copy for review to several people knowledgeable in Buddhism and Tibetan culture, including Agehananda Bharati who has published an account of the ensuing affair: I was suspicious before I opened the wrapper: the "third eye" smacked of Blavatskyan and post-Blavatskyan hogwash. The first two pages convinced me the writer was not a Tibetan, the next ten that he had never been either in Tibet or India, and that he knew absolutely nothing about Buddhism of any form, Tibetan or other. The cat was out of the bag very soon, when the "Lama", reflecting on some cataclysmic situation in his invented past, mused, "for we know there is a God [sic].

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But for some of us, in the second half of our lives, his name is redolent with powerful associations — positive and otherwise. The name Tuesday relates to a claim in The Third Eye that Tibetans are named after the day of the week on which they were born. What made Lobsang Rampa exceptional was the fact that he was one of very few Westerners writing popular books about Tibetan Buddhism — or his version of it at least — in the s.

There were other accounts of life in Tibet from adventurers such as Heinrich Harrer, whose Seven Years in Tibet, published in , has sold well over 3 million copies. This was why the books kept being reprinted through the sixties and seventies. I remember encountering The Third Eye as a teenager — to me it was utterly absorbing.

This idea is laughable now, but I remember being intrigued at the time. Quite recently I was in a library where I noticed a book by Lobsang Rampa. Taking it from the shelf, I sat down to read it for a while — my first encounter with the author since sitting at the feet of real Tibetan lamas. Not only did he relate stories that were simply unbelievable.

As important was what he missed out, with no reference to some of the main teachings of the Dharma, such as the cultivation of bodhichitta. Who wants to read boring stuff about the importance of generosity, ethics and patience when you can go astral travelling instead?! Each of us had our own story. One by one, I discovered that each of my fellow meditators, just like me, had somehow found their way to his books, and had been just as engrossed by them as I had.

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Lobsang Rampa

This website is in dedication to such a true Adept of metaphysics. Whilst he was not here to disseminate occult knowledge, he did so because many people wanted to know the truth and by doing so opened their minds. Humans in their ignorance claim nature is unfair, cruel, and unjust, or any such claim that fits into their circumstances. Logically it must follow that if we humans tried to live with nature, by understanding its laws, we would therefore live in harmony and with that become happier, healthier, and more successful. Humanity has a destructive desire to do anything regardless of the consequences to all living creatures and the planet. Dr Rampa was here to discover this serious flaw in humans, which causes humanity to continuously self-destruct.


T. Lobsang Rampa

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