The built-in decoder eliminates the need for a PC; reducing the total cost of ownership and removing time and complication from operation. The WJ-NV also has a strong capability to support security professionals with suspect identification as it supports HDMI for up to Full-HD image resolution with around four times the picture clarity of standard definition images. It is also possible to record to SD card for easy and fast transfer of larger Full-HD footage as well as being a failsafe in case of network issues. Compatible with Panasonic's latest i-Pro SmartHD cameras WJ-NV also makes it possible to apply real time face matching technology which optimises the detection of suspects. Face matching essentially becomes like another set of eyes monitoring cameras, freeing up more security personnel time to perform other tasks and helping create a more efficient security operation.

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NOTE : This page has described the caluculation for the recording days. Description of the recorder, please refer to the instruction manual. For quick operation, "Easy start" mode is available as same as actual User Interface. The calculation is conducted on the cameras that are checked at the column of model name. It displays the Referenced recording days of each recorder. You can choose the suitable recorder from selected recording condition and Referenced recording days. If you change the bit rate per client with the camera, there is a difference in recording days between the estimated number and actual number.

In order to properly grasp the impact on the quality of the image by changing the number of recording days, please use the method for adjusting the quality in image quality parameters. Therefore, the recording days may differ even at the same recording condition.

Welcome to Panasonic Security System support site. Find solutions and help for your Panasonic Security System products. You can check the technical information, "WJ-NV recorder calculator".

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Click here. You can operate quickly by selecting the Camera name, Rate and Qualityof up to 24 Cameras.


WJ-NV200 Firmware



WJ-NV200 Recorder Calculator



Panasonic WJ-NV200 Network Disk Recorder


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