I began my career as a fashion designer and photo stylist. During my dance career, I appeared in more than shows throughout the U. I published an ebook of beauty tips and was soon contacted by a transgender woman who needed help with her appearance. To my surprise, I discovered that there were almost no resources available to help crossdressers and transgender women improve their images. Not only did I have the fashion and beauty background to offer these women practical tools for looking their best, my dance training made me an expert in the art of captivating movement and performance.

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Lucille Sorella is a beauty and style expert who is on a mission to make the world more beautiful, one woman at a time. She is well known for her breast enhancement resources for both real women and transgender women.

As a Feminine Image Adviser, she helps all kinds of women, including crossdressers and transgender women to express their femininity and set free the beautiful woman that is hiding beneath their biological body. Lucille believes that she was destined to work with transgender women. She was only 18 years old when she first stepped into the transgender world. After finishing high school, she went to New York to take a course in Fashion Institute of Technology.

At that time, she had very little money, and needed to work to support her big dreams. She made a living sewing party dresses with plenty of feathers, sequins, and other shiny and fashionable materials. These she sold in West Village boutique, where her style immediately gained a following among the drag queens. Then came a series of other events that pushed Lucille deeper into the world of transgender women.

Everywhere she went, her destiny seemed to follow her. Soon, she knew of their different desires and needs, so she now uses her expertise in fashion, style, and beauty to help them realize their dreams. Currently, Lucille has written tons of articles, eBooks, video programs, and online courses that cover everything about creating a feminine image.

She also runs her own blog feminizationsecrets. Lucille Sorella. The Flat to Fab Guide to Natural Breast Enhancement is an e-book that reveals natural techniques for increasing your bust line.

The program works by re-creating the same hormonal conditions that caused your breasts to grow during puberty. This is achieved by combining the right herbs, dietary supplements and specific massage techniques.

More about this product Flat2Fem is a natural breast enlargement program for men. The program is based on a combination of herbs, nutritional supplements and massage techniques that together create the ideal conditions for breast growth.

Let's see what you will find inside the Flat2Fem program: Scientific facts about male breast enlargement, Step-by-step instructions for creating your own breast enlargement routine


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