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Getting Started page 17 - Unpacking Your Scanner page 18 - Setting Up the LS Series Scanner page 19 - Removing the Interface Cable page 20 - Connecting a keyboard wedge interface page 21 page 22 - Connecting a wand emulation interface page 23 - Connecting a synapse cable interface page 24 - Chapter 2.

Maintenance and Technical Spe Quick Links. See also: Quick Reference Manual. LS Series. Table of Contents. All software, including firmware, furnished to the user is on a licensed basis. Symbol grants to the user a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use each software or firmware program delivered hereunder licensed program. Advanced Data Formatting Introduction Page 8 Symbol Code Identifiers It includes basic set-up and operation instructions.

Service Information Symbol Technologies Canada, Inc. Symbol warrants that for a period of five 5 years from date of shipment, products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Page Ls Series Warranty Coverage And Procedure This warranty is provided to the original owner only and is not transferable to any third party. It shall not apply to any product i which has been repaired or altered unless done or approved by Symbol, ii which has not been maintained in accordance with any operating or handling instructions supplied Page Chapter 1.

Getting Started The LS Series scanner combines excellent scanning performance and advanced ergonomics to provide the best value in a lightweight laser scanner. Whether used as a hand-held scanner or in hands-free mode in a stand, the LS Series ensures comfort and ease of use for extended periods of time. Plug the interface cable modular connector into the cable interface port on the bottom of the LS Series handle.

See Figure Gently tug the cable to ensure the connector is properly secured. Page Removing The Interface Cable 3. Follow the steps for Installing the Interface Cable on page to connect a new cable. This section describes how to set up each of these connections. Keyboard Wedge Connection with Y-cable 1. Switch off the host and unplug the keyboard connector. Attach the modular connector of the Y-cable to the cable interface port on the scanner.

Page Connecting A Wand Emulation Interface Getting Started Connecting a Wand Emulation Interface To perform Wand Emulation, connect the scanner to a portable data terminal, or a controller which collects the data as wand data and interprets it for the host.

The appropriate Synapse cable has the built-in intelligence to detect the host to which it is connected. Page Chapter 2. Scanning Chapter 2 Scanning Introduction This chapter covers the techniques involved in scanning bar codes, beeper and LED definitions, and general instructions and tips about scanning. LS Series Scanner Parts Page Beeper Definitions 4 Beeps - long low tone A transmission error was detected in a scanned symbol.

The data is ignored. This occurs if a unit is not properly configured. Check option setting. Page Led Definitions Scanning Table Aim the scanner at the bar code. If your scanner has a trigger, aim and press the trigger. See Aiming on page and Decode Zones on page Ensure the scan line crosses every bar and space of the symbol. Page Aiming Scanning Aiming Do not hold the scanner directly over the bar code. Laser light reflecting directly back into the scanner from the bar code is known as specular reflection.

This specular reflection can make decoding difficult. Page Decode Zones 2" 7. LSC Decode Zone Page 30 4. Refer to Assembling the Stand, Mounting the Stand optional , and Scanning in the Stand detailed information about hands-free scanning. Assembling the Stand 1.

Two screw-mount holes. Double-sided tape areas 3 places Figure Mounting the Stand Screw Mount 1. Page Scanning In The Stand 3. To scan a bar code, present the bar code and ensure the scan line crosses every bar and space of the symbol. Page Chapter 3. Maintenance And Technical Specifications Chapter 3 Maintenance and Technical Specifications Introduction This chapter covers the LS Series suggested maintenance, troubleshooting, technical specifications, and signal descriptions pinouts.

Maintenance Cleaning the exit window is the only maintenance required. A dirty window may affect scanning accuracy. Page Troubleshooting Bar code symbol is unreadable. Check the symbol to make sure it is not defaced. Try scanning test symbols of the same bar code type. Page 39 LS Series Product Reference Guide The following signal descriptions apply to the connection between the scanner and the cable, and are for reference only.

Table Page Chapter 4. Programming The Scanner Programming the Scanner Introduction You have the option to program the LS Series scanner to perform various functions, or activate different features.

This chapter describes each feature and provides the programming bar codes necessary for selecting these features for your scanner. For example, if you want to set the baud rate to 19,, simply scan the 19, bar code listed under Baud Rate on page If you wish to change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s provided in the Parameter Descriptions section beginning on page Default Table Parameter Default Page Page 46 Programming the Scanner Table Page 48 Programming the Scanner Table Set All Defaults Scan the Triggerless Mode bar code to turn off trigger functionality and place the scanner in constant on mode.

Scan the Trigger Mode bar code to activate the trigger and turn off constant on mode. Trigger Mode Triggerless Mode It is programmable in 0. The default Laser On Time is 3. Page Power Mode Programming the Scanner Power Mode This parameter determines whether or not power remains on after a decode attempt. When in low power mode, the scanner enters into a low power consumption mode to preserve battery life after each decode attempt. When in continuous power mode, power remains on after each decode attempt.

Any prefixes or suffixes which are enabled are appended around this message. When disabled, if a symbol does not decode, nothing is sent to the host. Enable No Read Higher security levels are selected for decreasing levels of bar code quality.

Page Linear Security Level 3 Programming the Scanner Linear Security Level 3 Code types other than the following must be successfully read twice before being decoded.

The following codes must be read three times: Table When this parameter is enabled, a bar code must be successfully scanned in both directions forward and reverse before being decoded. The Transmit Code ID feature should not be enabled for these terminals. Page 64 Programming the Scanner Baud Rate Baud rate is the number of bits of data transmitted per second. If not, data may not reach the host device or may reach it in distorted form. Select the parity type according to host device requirements.

If you select ODD parity, the parity bit has a value 0 or 1, based on data, to ensure than an odd number of 1 bits are contained in the coded character. None Check Receive Errors Select whether or not the parity, framing, and overrun of received characters are checked.

The scanner waits up to 2 seconds default for CTS to be asserted. If CTS is not asserted during this time, the scanner issues an error indication and discards the data. After three unsuccessful attempts to send data when NAKs are received, the scanner issues an error indication and discards the data. When the scanner has data to send, it waits up to 2 seconds for an XON character before transmission.

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