Kether is in Malkuth and vice versa. I am God, I very God of very God; I go upon my way to work my Will; I have made Matter and Motion for my mirror; I have decreed for my delight that Nothingness should figure itself as twain, that I might dream a dance of names and natures, and enjoy the substance of simplicity by watching the wanderings of my shadows. I am not that which is not; I know not that which knows not; I love not that which loves not. For I am Love, whereby division dies in delight; I am Knowledge, whereby all parts, plunged in the whole, perish and pass into perfection; and I am that I am, the being wherein Being is lost in Nothing, nor designs to be but its Will to unfold its nature, its need to express its perfection in all possibilities, each phase a partial phantasm, and yet inevitable and absolute. The Master of the Temple is the Hanged Man. In the commentary to Reguli, we read: I am God, I very God of very God; I go upon my way to work my Will; I have made Matter and Motion for my mirror; I have decreed for my delight that Nothingness should figure itself as twain, that I might dream a dance of names and natures, and enjoy the substance of simplicity by watching the wanderings of my shadows.

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Liber V vel Reguli- lecture. Liber V vel Reguli. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will. Last edited by aedria; at PM. Re: Liber V vel Reguli- lecture. Originally Posted by aedria. Find More Posts by Goaty Glee. Originally Posted by Goaty Glee. Thank you for posting this aedria. Although I am not a Thelemite I will take a stance of one who will offer you questions in the hope you will find alternate perspectives to your already great command of Thelemic ritual.

Please take my comments in that way. You may not want to answer here but rather take these questions to your journal. Thread Tools. Contact Us - Archive - Top. Most rights reserved. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Ritual Magic Exploration of ritual magic from the Golden Dawn to the myriad modern offshoots. Liber V vel Reguli Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Aleister Crowley was known well for his mastery of the English language, even down to the shape of each letter. The letter V gives the impression of the grade signs of Apophis and Typhon, thereby representing the Nephesh-consciousness combining with the Neschamah-consciousness.

Regulus is also the name of the star that begins the 0 degree of the constellation of Leo. The expression is the animadversion towards the Aeon, and the symbol is the sigil of the grand hierophant. Another definition of the word is an adverse or typically ill-natured or unfair criticism perhaps alluding to the stringent Golden Dawn teachings against ever using the averse pentagram- which is said to draw spirit into matter rather than to raise matter unto spirit.

It is specified that this ritual is appropriate for a magician of any grade, robed and armed as he may deem to be fit. This is a bit of confusion in the instruction but the old ritual instructions attributed to Crowley clearly states that the wand should be used as the weapon.

The robe is left to us for interpretation, and each to his own. Our first instruction is for the magician to turn his face towards Boleskine. Boleskine is the location of the House of the Beast, and is located in Loch Ness. The first gesture is the oath of the enchantment, which is called the Elevenfold seal.

The ritual begins with the striking of a battery of adding up to eleven. Note that there are four sets of eleven knocks during the ritual, leading to 44, the number f Ra-Hoor-Khuit. In this gesture the magician is to place his thumb between his index and medius finger, just as the deacon does so in the Gnostic Mass while calling the collects.. Let him describe a circle about his head crying Nuit!

By doing it several times it became clear to me that this was meant to activate the Brahamarandra and Muladhara chakras, which are the directly above and upon the crown of the head. I am sure there are others who would disagree with me. As with any ritual, doing it will give you insight into what feels right and wrong for you as an individual.

The Muladhara Chakra is basically at the tailbone and is a bit hard to reach in the ritual, I think the original intent is to have the magician touch the generative organ at this point; relating that Nuit is the Brain and Hadit is the seed.

We are again touching and activating a chakra, this time the Anahata chakra, the solar center. The horizontal components of the enchantment. Note that the mouth is the only thing here that is not a chakra, and is assumed to be because Aiwaz is considered the voice of the Gods, although a minor Chakra called the Kala Chakra is located in the mouth.

Let him draw his thumb from right to left across his face at the level of the nostrils. What this does is form the cross paths on the tree of life from Binah and Chokmah- the path of the Empress, Daleth. The Anahata and the Manipura again. Let him draw his thumb from left to right across his breast, at the level of the sternum. The Svadistthana again in the genital region and attributes to Yesod and the Moon.

Let him draw his thumb from right to left across his abdomen, at the level of the hips. This crosspath links Hod and Netzach, the path of the Tower, Pe. If you were to take these cross paths and add the numerological value of them together you would come to the number I have not found any notes as to why the cross bars go in the directions that they do, but I will point out that while making each of the invoking pentagrams during the ritual the direction of the pentagrams changes back and forth also, as does the magician in his circumambulations.

Therefore you have created the sigil of the Grand Hierophant, the triple cross, dependent from the circle. The Asservation of the Spells. These are the words of power of the present aeon, each also has the numerical value of We have created 11 invocations at this point in total, thus the Elevenfold seal. The Proclamation of the Accomplishment.

Another 11 lettered word that conceals the five. The Second Gesture. The Enchantment: Let the magician, still facing Boleskine, advance to the circumference of his circle. Let him turn himself to the left, and pace with the stealth and swiftness of a tiger the precincts of his circle, until he completes one revolution thereof.

The pacing like a tiger has given me this thought. They move quickly and quietly. Let him give the sign of Horus the enterer as he passeth, so to project the force that radiateth from Boleskine before him. Okay, the force that radiateth from Boleskine is more appropriately attributed to the north east than the east- and therefore I generally make my sign of the enterer directly in the east facing north rather than turning towards the east.

The sign is given by leaning forward, advancing the left foot, and throwing the arms out horizontally before you- pointing the fingers as if to fire energy from them.

In this ritual this is the sign you will always go upon passing the East. Let him trace with his wand the Averse Pentagram proper to invoke Air Aquarius. Start at the bottom left point, go horizontally to the right, up left, down middle, up right, down left counter clockwise or widdershins.

Let him bring the wand to the center of the pentagram and call upon NUIT. This is a feminine god form, a receptive and negative. Let him make the sign called Puella, standing with the feet together, head bowed, left hand shielding the Muladhara, and right hand shielding the breast. Where to put the wand during this time? This is left to you to devise, I usually hold the wand in my hand for this one.

Let him trace the averse pentagram that invoketh fire Leo. Start at bottom, and go deosol left to the top then around to complete entire pentagram note again that the direction changes in this pentagram from widdershins to deosol which also affirms the male HADIT with the female NUIT. Hadit can be visualized by imagining the winged globe of the Egyptians. This is a positive force. Let him give the sign Puer, standing with feet together, and head erect, let his right hand the thumb extended at right angles to the fingers be raised, the forearm vertical at a right angle with the upper arm, which is horizontally extended in the line joining the shoulders.

Let his left hand, the thumb extended forwards and the fingers clenched, rest at the junction of the thighs. Let him proceed as before; then in the East, let him make the averse pentagram that invoketh Earth Taurus. Let him give the sign of Vir feet together, hands with clenched fingers and thumbs outward, are held at the temples, head is bowed- represents the butting of a beast.

Hold the wand between your legs or sleeve it at this point. Proceeding as before, let him make in the West the averse pentagram of Water Scorpio. Puer makes him Vir, Vir makes Puella- Mulier To make an averse pentagram of water start at the bottom right and go across to the left, then around deosol.

Again, call upon, not cry- this is significant in that the LA feminine- AL being Masculine are perceived lying outside of the direct sphere of your influence- and are requested in a softer manner than the masculine forces. Let him give the sign Mulier. The feet are widely separated, the arms raised as to suggest a crescent, head thrown back. Where to hold the wand now? In your hand, of course.

Let him break into the dance, tracing a centripetal spiral widdershins, enriched by revolutions upon his axis as he passes each quarter until he comes to the center. While this is a personal choice based on my work with the ritual and experience, and I do not find it diminishes the ritual in any way- it is also again a personal choice and others may not find it quite as accommodating to their needs.

Raising the wand at this point implies that the force is drawn into the wand. The image is of the generative organ of the male as seen straight on. The image conceals the sun, and the moon, and the infinity symbol. I have found that doing each of these one on top of another is the easiest way to actually physically draw the mark of the beast.

Another reference I have says to draw it by going round the circle once, making a wider arc to make a crescent, then going back in two loops under the crescent. The Mark of the beast is the symbol of the Spirit and encompasses more than I can cover in this short instruction. Let him trace the invoking Hexagram of the Beast.


Liber V vel Reguli

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AHIH and Liber V vel Reguli

Regulus is also the name of the star which marks the beginning or 0 degree of the constellation Leo. Let the Magician, robed and armed as he may deem to be fit, turn his face towards Boleskine, that is the House of The Beast Longitude 4. However it does not necessarily have to be so.

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