Sala Constitucional da plazo de 2 meses a autoridades administrativas para eliminar el hacinamiento en la Unidad de Pensiones Alimentarias. Expediente CO. Puedes hacer tus pedidos por WhatsApp al Entregas a domicilio o por Correos de Costa Rica. Con el Lic. Fabiola Detrinidad.

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Sala Constitucional da plazo de 2 meses a autoridades administrativas para eliminar el hacinamiento en la Unidad de Pensiones Alimentarias. Expediente CO. Puedes hacer tus pedidos por WhatsApp al Entregas a domicilio o por Correos de Costa Rica.

Con el Lic. Fabiola Detrinidad. Pida su cita por WhatsApp al o al No deben ser impuestas por quienes no han sido nombrados para legislar en nombre del pueblo.

Y en medio de todo este proceso, han ocurrido circunstancias de fuerza mayor que le han restado tiempo a los diputados para analizar el asunto.

Pero aparte de tratarse de un tema de competencia exclusiva del legislador, hay que tomar en cuenta que el plazo dado por la Sala resulta inadecuado, en especial si tomamos en cuenta factores como la existencia de sesiones extraordinarias, durante las cuales es el Ejecutivo el que convoca los proyectos de ley, y encima tenemos la declaratoria de Emergencia Nacional por el COVID Al respecto, en el voto salvado del magistrado presidente leemos lo siguiente:.

Entrega a domicilio con mensajero o por Correos de Costa Rica. Precio: 5. WhatsApp Informes al con el Lic. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Mendez Alvaro. David Alvarado Castillo. Pero yo trabajo ahora en otro lugar y gano menos. See More. Information about Page Insights Data. Continue Reading. Constitutional Chamber gives administrative authorities 2 months to eliminate overcrowding in the Food Pension Unit. File CO.

Similarly, within the same period they must coordinate and take appropriate measures to solve the problem of lack of beds in that penal centre. The above under the warning that, based on article 71 of the Constitutional Jurisdiction Act, imprisonment shall be imposed from three months to two years, or from twenty to sixty days fine, on whoever receives an order due comply or enforce, issued in a remedy of amparo and does not comply with it or does not enforce it, provided that the crime is not more seriously punished.

The State is ordered to pay the costs, damages caused by the facts that serve as a basis for this declaratory, which will be settled in enforcement of the administrative dispute. The above, without prejudice to those of the powers of the Food Pension Judges in this matter and, on the understanding, what is being ordered in this judgment is a suspension of deprivation of liberty, so, Once the national emergency is lifted, people released must complete the time they still need to be discounted.

Judge Rueda Leal gives separate reasons regarding overcrowding. As for the rest, the appeal is declared without place. Notify yourself. Se lo contamos todo en La Teja. Curious that when we asked the Court to send a circular on the use of guidance tables for the fixing of food quotas, there they could not tell the judges how to rule for judicial independence. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video.

If so, please try restarting your browser. Posted by Arcelio Hernandez. Pida su cita por WhatsApp al o al With 20 years of experience in Family and Food, we offer you a service that goes beyond for you.

Ask for your appointment by WhatsApp at or Translated. San Jose, at eleven hours and forty-two minutes on May twenty-two thousand twenty-two. The actions taken in compliance with Health Order No. If they have not complied with the health order, they must indicate what state it is in and what interim measures they have implemented.

If they have not fulfilled, they must clarify the plan they sent to the Ministry of Health, in order to comply with the health order. The above must be reported within hours Translated. If you are interested in acquiring the Family Procedures Code, Law , send your name and address for WhatsApp shipping to You have a 39 page presentation with comments on the changes you make. Price is cls, we are not charging for shipping.

Arcelio Hernandez Mussio Carnet WhatsApp Home delivery with messenger or post office from Costa Rica. Family Processes Code with presentation and summary of major changes of the Lic. Arcelio Hernandez, Legislative Advisor. Price: 5. Free shipping anywhere in the country during the National Emergency.

WhatsApp Translated. Repudiamos el abuso de autoridad que los agremiados sufren. We repudiate the abuse of authority that the aggressmen suffer. Subject detained by Food Pension and after that the door runs the officer!! According to the law of the Constitution values, principles and norms marriage is the union between a man and a woman. That is, our original constituent opted to conceptualize it as a monogamic heterosexual union. This is how it is evident from both the constitutional text and constitutional jurisprudence.

There is no doubt that the original constituent opted for a monogamic heterosexual marriage. This conclusion emerges from the methods of historical, systematic and teleological interpretation. In fact, reviewing the Constituent National Constituent Assembly, Volume II, pages and , only one conclusion can be reached in this matter: the constitutional option, exclusively to any other, was in favor of monogamic heterosexual marriage on the second qualifying, see the votes of the Constitutional Court Nos and , in which he indicated that the Costa Rican legal-marriage system, is inspired by the monogamic concept of Western culture , so that in order to marry, there must be freedom of state.

Based on a systematic interpretation of constitutional rules, it must also necessarily be concluded that the type of marriage that has exclusivity in Costa Rican society is heterosexual and monogamic. In our view, the mistake in some people make is that they interpret, in isolation, the right of the Constitution.

From their particular perspective, they indicate that the constitutional paragraph 52 does not speak of heterosexual marriage, but only about marriage, so such a concept would constitute a kind of "tailor drawer" where it is possible to subsume various forms of this.

However, based on a systematic interpretation of the constitutional text, making the logical and necessary correlation between its rules, and according to the principle of interpretation laid down by the Full Court and followed by the Constitutional Court, that constitutional precepts cannot interpreted in isolation, but jointly to prevent insurmountable contradictions between them, as we are in the presence of a harmonious and coherent text principle of unity of the Constitution , we have that the right of the Constitution refers, exclusively, to a monogamic straight marriage.

In fact, note as paragraph 51, when you speak of the family, refers to the mother and child. Clearly, when article 52 regulates marriage, as the essential foundation of the family, is that formed by a man and a woman and therefore, the equal rights of spouses refers to the rights that in a marriage Monogamic heterosexual have the man and woman.

Even then, in paragraph 53, it is noted that parents male and wife have to their children having been out of wedlock the same obligations as those born in it. In addition, it is indicated that everyone has the right to know who his biological parents are, according to the law.

Article 54 Constitutional prohibits any personal qualification on the nature of the affiliation. Finally, it is expressed that the special protection of the mother and the child is in charge of an autonomous institution called the National Children's Board.

Article 17 states that the family is the natural and fundamental element of society and must be protected by it and the State. The right of men and women to marry and to find a family if they are of age and conditions required for this by domestic laws, insofar as they do not affect the principle of non-discrimination established in the CADH.

In addition, States parties are imposed on States parties to take appropriate measures to ensure the right and adequate equivalence of responsibilities of spouses in terms of marriage, during marriage and in the event of dissolution. In the latter case, they must adopt provisions to ensure the necessary protection of children, on the sole basis of their interest and coexistence. From the nubile age, men and women have the right to marry and to found a family according to national laws governing the exercise of this right".

The family is the natural and fundamental element of society and has the right to the protection of society and the State. The right of men and women to marry and to found a family is recognized if they are of age. Marriage may not be concluded without the free and full consent of the contractors.

The States Parties to this Covenant shall take appropriate measures to ensure equal rights and responsibilities of both spouses in terms of marriage, during marriage, and in the event of dissolution of marriage. In case of dissolution, provisions shall be made to ensure the necessary protection of children ". Bold ones do not correspond to the original. The same is the case with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which, in its paragraph 16, states the following: " Men and women, from the nubile age, have the right, without restriction on grounds of race, nationality or religion, to marry and found a family, and shall enjoy equal rights in terms of marriage, during marriage and in case of marriage dissolution ".

The Constitutional Chamber, in vote No. In this regard, he indicated the following: " However, it is the judgment of the Chamber that there is no doubt that the original constituent opted for a monogamic heterosexual marriage.

In fact, reviewing the Constituent National Assembly Minutes, Volume II, pages and , it is only possible to conclude that the option adopted was heterosexual marriage. Additionally, the Chamber has argued that: " In what interests, Act No. We believe that the family, precisely the family organized within the marriage institution - whose ideal in a Catholic country -, is the Fundamental cell of society, and must have the special protection of the State Consistent with the above, is what this Chamber pointed out in resolution No.

As the Family Procurator points out, the analysis of the rules consulted must be done in the light of the constitutional principles and rules that relate to the issue of the protection of the family, that is, in other words, the provisions of the Articles 51 and 52 of the Constitution, as soon as they provide textually-in what interests -: ' Article


Not paying alimony in Costa Rica could be deadly in times of covid-19

Buenos dias, Mi ex novia me puso pension alimentaria para 2 ninas de 12 y 6 anos. Ella aduce gastos elevados de escoalridad y presenta facturas. Ella solicita aumento y pide mas de lo que yo puedo dar. Preguntas: 1- yo trabajo en call center y percibia mil menos rebajos de ley, la pension era de mil colones mensuales.


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