Main display: TFT x px 2. A thin client is added to the mobile phone and by using standard SMS parameter fields, such as the user data header, binary-encoded and concatenated messages can be sent that display enriched content, such as italicized, emboldened or underlined text, predefined sounds, monophonic tunes and static or animated images. This media may include up to forty seconds of video, audio, one image, or a slideshow of multiple images. Bluetooth is a low-power wireless networking technology operating in the 2.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Software changes may have occurred after this ICES Page 3: Air Bags Tests for SAR are conducted using standard operating positions Caution specified by the FCC with the phone transmitting at its highest The user is cautioned that changes or modifications not expressly certified power level in all tested frequency bands.

Observe restrictions, and follow any regulations or Use only Kyocera-approved accessories with Kyocera phones. Use of any unauthorized accessories may be dangerous and will Potentially explosive atmospheres—Turn off your phone when invalidate the phone warranty if said accessories cause damage you are in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Page 8 10 Browser With the back of the To charge the battery: phone facing you, press 1. Page 10 Battery Safety Guidelines about whether a replacement battery is compatible, contact customer support.

Remove the rubber To install the memory card: memory card cover. With the front of the 2. Use your finger nail to phone facing you, locate press and release the the rubber memory card memory card in the slot LED indicator. Right softkey selects items that appear on the lower right of the display. Enter key generates a carriage return in text entry. Back key erases characters in text entry or returns you to the previous screen when navigating through menus.

Incoming call Green—blinks not for call waiting calls. Low battery Red—blinks until you charge the phone. New message Red—blinks for the first minute or until you respond to the alert, whichever happens first.

A headset or other hands free device is in The phone is operating in IS 1X digital operation. The phone has a high speed data connection. The phone is in airplane mode. A call is in progress. Page Guide Conventions Guide Conventions In this guide, the following conventions are used when describing phone features.

Select means to press the Left softkey, Right softkey or OK key to select an item seen on the display. You can use voice commands to call a contact from your voice dial list or to dial a phone Power Phone Up number. Page Emergency Services Emergency Services Call Emergency Service You can call an emergency code even if your phone is locked or your account is restricted. When you call, your phone enters emergency mode. This enables the emergency service exclusive access to your phone to call you back, if necessary.

To enter words, press a key once. Do this.. Enter a letter In Normal Alpha mode, press a key. Enter a number In Numbers Only mode, press a key. Enter a symbol Use Normal Alpha mode, press the Symbol key and then a key. Download an Application Your Kyocera phone has the added ability to 1. When a connection is made, a list BREW. Page Contacts Contacts Use Contacts to store information about a person or company.

Add New Add a new entry to your contacts list. From View All, select a contact. At the contact details screen, select a 2.

At the contact details screen, select Edit. At the contact details screen, select a 1. When finished, select Done. Note: You cannot recover deleted information. From Groups, select a group. You can create a group specifically for messaging, based on a contact group. At the group details screen, scroll to the group name. From Groups, highlight a group. From Speed Dial List, highlight an unassigned number marked as empty. Select Assign. At the contacts list, select a contact.

Incoming See a list all voice calls you have received. Outgoing See a list all voice calls you have made. You can do one of the 1. At a call list, highlight a contact.

Select Done when calls and the total call time. Select Done when finished. From Wallpapers, select a wallpaper. Send a Sound 2. Select Set Default. From Saved Sounds, highlight a sound. Edit the Wallpaper Shuffle 2. From Wallpaper Shuffle, select Edit. From My Music, select All Songs. From a media file list, highlight a file. Choose a song and select Play.

Page 38 Play a File Modify a File 1. From a media file list, select a file. Use the Navigation key to control the playback 3. Note: You can only erase unlocked files. Page Messaging Messaging Use Messaging to send, receive, and erase messages from your phone. New Pic Msg Compose a multimedia message. Use comma or spaces to separate Create a Text Message addresses.

You can only send text messages to phone 2. At the compose message screen, select 1. Page Handle Received Messages Handle Received Messages Reply to Multimedia Messages with Prompt Reply to Text Messages When receiving a message in prompt mode, When receiving a message, your phone displays your phone displays a notification showing a a notification and the message icon appears at new message is available for download.

Page Handle Browser Alerts Message Settings Check Message Status in Outbox Use the following symbols to check your The following message settings affect all Outbox for the status of messages sent but still messages unless you change them for individual in process.

Set Message Alerts The message is pending and will be sent when possible. Page 51 Enable Auto-Erase Set your Voicemail Number Use Auto-Erase to set your phone to erase Often your service provider automatically messages automatically when it needs memory programs your voicemail number the number for incoming messages. Page Message Groups Message Groups 2. Complete your multimedia message and You can create groups for messaging.

From Message Groups, view your 1. From Message Groups, highlight a group. You can erase messages as you send or read them, erase them one at a time, or erase them all at once. From Voice Memo, select Record New. Page 56 3. Sort Events by Priority — From View Day, select an event. Set Scheduler Hours 2. From Scheduler Hours, modify the start and end times. Choose a time.

A notification shows the Note: The alert occurs only if the phone is on. From Calculator, enter the first number. The timer counts down for the specified time. It beeps when that amount of time has elapsed. Select a mathematical operation: — Scroll left to multiply.

From Timer, select Set. Page Memopad Memopad Erase a Memo 1.


Kyocera X-tc M2000 Manual / User Guide Download PDF

Software changes may have occurred after this printing. Kyocera reserves the right to make changes in technical and product specifications without prior notice. The Kyocera Communications Inc. KCI products described in this manual may include copyrighted KCI and third party software stored in semiconductor memories or other media.


Kyocera G2GO M2000 User Manual


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