Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages. Nugraha, Cahyadi, and Sugih Arijanto. Companies that will be formally assessed have to make preparations in the form of internal assessment. On the other hand, for companies, especially small companies - medium, which does not provide a specific budget for certified assessment can keep track of the performance of the company to achieve performance excellence through internal assessment. Internal assessment is the process of measuring the companies performance that carried out by the company by internal experts who understand the concept MBCfPE.

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With this training, it is expected that PT. Malcolm Baldrige Criteria has 11 core values and concepts core values and concepts. Eleventh initi values and concepts that underlie KPKU state is as follows:.

Leadership Visionery 2. The advantage of that is driven by the customer Customer Driven Excellence 3. Learning Organizations and Individuals 4. Tribute to Labor and Partners. Dexterity 6.

Focus on the future. Innovation Management. Management by Fact. Social Responsibility. Focus on Results and Creating Value. Systemic perspective. So therefore in line with expectations when the state ministry PT. KIM Limited compared to other state.

KIM Limited can grow into a company that has added value and strong competitiveness both regionally and globally. Eleventh initi values and concepts that underlie KPKU state is as follows: 1. Latest News Halal bihalal of PT. Distribution of 3, food packages to the community 18 Mei Submission of food assistance to nurses handling covid 19 17 Mei Handover of hand washing equipment assistance 11 Mei Spraying disinfectant in the Medan industrial Estate 09 Apr


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