Kislev is the northern ally of the Empire. Bordering on the Chaos Wastes in the north, Kislev is in a perpetual state of war against both enemy incursion and the chilling winter of the northern plains. My Kislev warband is based on the Mordheim boxes set with a few custom additions to provide for some of the model choices not covered by the conventional range. The paint scheme is red and blue with brown leather. Leaders: The Captain in the left is a normal Mordheim model. The Boyar on the right is from the Warhammer range can serve either as an alternative Captain or as a special character for scenarios.

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Remember Me? Results 1 to 17 of Thread: first try at a kislev warband. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by Tae. Originally Posted by Wandre. I had a dream i was back at my old high school and as i got out of class the avatar of khaine appeared and the whole place turned into a rave and we had a dance off until i woke up.

Re: first try at a kislev warband Mordheim is a great game - I think you'll love it. If you are planning on a campaign by far the best way to play Mordheim then Rule Number One is: when designing a warband, always take the maximum number of heroes. After a game, heroes who aren't taken out of action are allowed a search roll - the results of the combined search rolls is where the cash that the warbands need to buy new recruits and equipment comes from.

The more heroes who make it through a scenario without going out of action, the more loot you find and the more powerful the warband becomes in the next scenario. So, with the Kislevites, you want to start by hiring a druzhina captain, a bear tamer even if you don't buy him a bear immediately!

After hiring them, spend the remaining gc on hiring henchmen and buying kit for everyone. Don't start with handguns - for what they do, they are badly overpriced in Mordheim. A crossbow is 10 gc cheaper and a better bet. Forget the light armor.

Using the money to recruit more warriors into the band is a better option, I think. Buy the captain a decent melee weapon!

Don't send him into hand-to-hand with nothing but his free dagger! You want him to live, and you want him to mightily whack his enemies hip and toe, because that earns him experience and he gets better at the whacking. A sword is a tad expensive, but probably worth it for the parry in the Captain's case. As the band becomes wealthy, a sword for everyone would be nice.

Well, maybe not the bear. I should confess I have never played a Kislevite warband, or played against one. The above advice is pretty generic, accordingly. Good luck! Re: first try at a kislev warband hope this is better heros druzhina captain light armour cross bow sword 2 youths halbards 50 esaul bow and axe 50 henchmen 2 streltsi with cross bows and halbards kislev ranger 30 warrior with halbard 35 warrior with halbard 35 warrior with halbard 35 total Re: first try at a kislev warband Much better I think.

But you really want to take the fifth hero, the bear trainer - even if he doesn't have a bear with him for the first game or two, because 1 he grants an extra search roll, 2 he is better at earning experience than henchmen, and 3 he's good - Str 4 means he is going to be quite effective in a brawl.

His stats are the same as a warrior except for strength, where his is better. So drop one of the warriors and add him instead. Take the 35 from dropping one of the three warriors and hire the bear trainer also With the 20 you didn't spend before, equip him with a bow and a sword. You have a good mix of bows and crossbows. I'm not sure I would take the light armor for the captain, but that is probably because I tend to be unlucky with it. Certainly keeping the captain alive is a Good Idea! Re: first try at a kislev warband So, what's the Kislev ranger like?

I can't seem to find her stats at the moment. Last edited by mr. Re: first try at a kislev warband My next warband after I finish my Marauders will be Kislevites. Most importantly it fits the background and will look awesome when I finish the model. The warband wasn't designed with competitive play in mind, it was an excuse to build some cool models and use a few of the Kossar models I got free one time when GW mail order gave away some random blister packs with every order.

I haven't read the article for some time so can't remember if I thought she was worthwhile or not. All I can remember is I hated the model. It was intended to be a female elf ranger but the sculptor got a little carried away with the cleavage so Fanatic decided to use the model as a Kislevite hired sword instead.

I had forgotten or never knew that rule. Never seen Kislevites in action. That looks like a pretty competitive list, Catferret. Usually I photocopied new warbands, hired swords, scenarios, etc.

But I didn't see her in the notebook last night. Sounds like she is decent. The model is a little on the buxom side, I agree. And the arms are separate from the body, which I don't like. I have one and assembled her, but one of the arms came off after she was primed and I just stuck her away somewhere, annoyed. Re: first try at a kislev warband well if you have any of the kislev which i collect kossars from warhammer you can just use one of them.

Re: first try at a kislev warband I've been a big fan of the Kislev list, though haven't actually played it. One of the things I really like about them is that they can take throwing knives. While not as good as pistols, couple them with the Knife Fighter skill and they become pretty darn good, especially with high S characters.

I should get around to playing them sometime, but I don't know what models to use. I really like the list, Cat. It looks quite competetive, too. Originally Posted by tarliyn. Originally Posted by lord dan. Originally Posted by kris. Re: first try at a kislev warband Keller, sculpt furs and similar on to plastic Empire models.

That's what I'll be doing for most of my warband except some of the henchman who will just be Kossar figures hence the weapon combinaton. The only thing I have yet to figure out is the bear. I have th Mordheim trained bear model but can't say I'm a fan of it. It will do at a push but I'll be scouring the alternatives. Re: first try at a kislev warband. Originally Posted by Catferret.

Keller, sculpt furs and similar on to plastic Empire models. Re: first try at a kislev warband those woodsmen are awsome. Re: first try at a kislev warband Wow, I really like those Privateer Press sculpts.

I should order them soon, but I'm making myself get some other models that I've had on my desk for ages done first. I must say, though, I am very impressed! All times are GMT. The time now is All rights reserved. Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited.


Kislev Warband



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