With mutual action, Jacob and Isabella drew her up the length of his body. She flung it aside and quickly brought both hands to rub fiercely over his chest and belly and under herself to where he thrust hard and hot against the juncture of her thighs. Jacob made a low sound, half arousal and half satisfaction at her bold sexual behavior. But nothing could have prepared him for how it would make him feel, how it would burn him like a brand for all time. She was in his mind, reading his every thought and desire.

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Isabella took her eyes away from the compelling depth of the black gaze he had fixed on her so raptly. She was a conundrum to him, and she knew it. She could sense that his reaction to her mere presence was an overriding confusion and a moral storm within him.

She felt the urge to retreat back to the library, to place herself at a safe distance from him. Not that she was afraid of him—actually, to be honest, her surprising lack of fear in the face of such fearful prospects was what disturbed her.

She was not using discretion in her thoughts or the impulsive reactions of her physiology when he was near. Like all things, wisdom came with experience. She had nothing to draw on for guidance when it came to the way she felt around Jacob.

Why do you make our trouble your own so willingly? Somehow my destiny has become linked with yours. Legna might as well have not been there for all they were aware of her in that moment. As an empath, Legna was a conduit for the sexual and emotional tension in the room. She was flushed with it, her skin misting with warmth. These were permissible feelings, in spite of the fact that they were the most intoxicating collection of desires she had ever felt as an empath.

Noah had made her duty clear. She was to monitor the Enforcer. At the slightest hint of uncontrolled behavior, she was to summon the King with all due haste. But she sensed no threat, no rampant moon-fed lust.

It was a wild, ferocious thing. It clawed away at common sense and respect, shredding away even the smallest thought of consideration or control. Control was the key here. Jacob practically vibrated with it, clearly using every resource he owned to manage his impulses and desires.

She would not call out to Noah until she felt the first crack in that formidable mental fortress. Jacob was a proud creature. If she called for interference without cause, he would be hurt and embarrassed, and she could not bear the idea of causing him that pain. It effervesces in my brain like sparkling water. Though I did not know you before this, I know there are new places in your mind that were not there before, coming alive. Legna felt her heart slam still with shock.

Jacob was Earth. Only a Demon of Mind could read such thoughts, feel such finely tuned empathy. It was also more than what Legna herself could sense. It seemed as though with every progressive hour, it was harder and harder for her to sense from Isabella. She was becoming like a blank place. It was such a basic, animalistic thing to do, so clearly predatory and aggressive.

The recital rattled Magdelegna to her very core. She had never seen anything like this before. Her senses were awash with emotionally charged information, forcing her to recoil and draw up her hardest defenses. Isabella was so startled by the flash of bursting flames so close to her that she nearly fell over.

Jacob reached out instinctively to steady her, but his broad wrist was caught in an iron grasp before he could touch her.

She has proven to be a dangerous lure. Do not torture yourself further with her nearness. I resent being treated like Typhoid Mary! Noah ignored her, his full attention on Jacob. The King had evidently been rousted from his bed on abrupt notice, his black hair tousled with sleep, causing the reddish highlights within to stand out in the sunlight. He was matched with Jacob in height, but it was clear by the muscles laced tightly over the whole of his broad body that he had weight and basic physical strength over the Enforcer.

Isabella could see this very clearly because he wore nothing but a pair of gray shorts made of a soft cotton material that was far too revealing. The unexpected awareness made Isabella jerk her eyes to neutral territory, and red splotches burned over her face and chest.

Jacob felt the reaction sparkle across his skin like fire, felt her embarrassment and its causes like a splash of acid in his brain. Noah heard the low predatory sound rumble up from Jacob like a fast-rising storm. The King instinctively braced himself, knowing he might be forced to deal with Jacob at his moon-fed worst. He made the mistake of thinking Jacob was going to attack him. He swung her around to his back, placing himself between her and her line of sight to the Demon King.

Jacob greeted his clearly visible aggression with another territorial snarl. She knew what had set Jacob off. She could feel it radiating through their shared psyche. Possession, protection… and outrage. Around all of this was wrapped a sheer animalistic territoriality. Jacob was of the Earth, of nature and all of her creatures. Isabella realized then that there was no separating that from him, no matter how civilized and intelligent a man he became.

With morals and instinct combining, Jacob saw Noah as an insult and a threat to his feelings of possession for her. Stuffed back away from Noah as she was, Isabella could only find one other person to appeal to. She looked to Legna, her wide violet eyes begging the female Demon to do something, praying that the empath would understand what was happening.

Because the room was filled with so much volatility, she had barricaded her mind against the storm around her. Yet the moment Isabella broadcasted her need, her desperation of emotion, the empath looked up at her quickly. Isabella wondered desperately.

She was so new to this; perhaps her concept of their power was mostly imagination. This thought was easily discarded when a billow of heat radiated off Noah, the burst hitting them like a suffocating desert wind. There was an awesome rumbling sound and Isabella felt the earth shudder beneath her feet. The cry came from Legna, who braved the intense heat surrounding her antagonistic brother and grabbed the arm that he had loaded with fiery ammunition. Legna was well aware of how difficult it was to draw her brother back from confrontation and anger once something lit the match.

She felt his justification, felt his turbulent upset that he was being forced to face down a friend. He was angry. Angry at the Hallowed moon, which he thought was brutalizing Jacob, brutalizing all of his people and beating their honorable spirits down into shame and low beastly behavior.

Isabella felt a change go through Jacob, minor but detectable. The low rumble of sound that had been boiling up from his throat quieted to just an occasional crackle of warning. I feel what he feels. I know. Trust me to know. Noah, you must remember that there is something that connects them, something that draws them to each other. It is true, and we all know it. The Hallowed moon amplifies everything we feel. Usually human innocents. That is what he will always do first and foremost.

Even against you. Also, this is his greatest fear, that he would have to battle you one day for the sake of an innocent. Magdelegna stepped around Noah and moved in between the two powerful men fearlessly. We would never do that. We could never do that when you are her protector. Isabella drew in a sudden breath when he spoke. It was the first civilized thing he had done in what seemed like ages, even though his voice was rough and devoid of all civility. Not unless you are going to truly harm her, as you know we are bound to do.

His tanned features were still drawn and dark, still aggressive, but there was reason entering his glistening black eyes. Isabella suddenly realized that Demon females did indeed have power that was not to be underestimated. Legna could potentially be a very dangerous woman. She winced hard as her face blossomed with mortifying heat.

She buried her face against his back and prayed for a sudden sinkhole to open beneath her. He opened his mouth to speak but was too flabbergasted to form the words. Isabella could hear the step of his bare feet on stone as he came up to Jacob. Jacob was forced to take a step forward for balance because she was trying so hard to bury herself in his spine.


Jacob (Nightwalkers #1)(35) by Jacquelyn Frank

Isabella took her eyes away from the compelling depth of the black gaze he had fixed on her so raptly. She was a conundrum to him, and she knew it. She could sense that his reaction to her mere presence was an overriding confusion and a moral storm within him. She felt the urge to retreat back to the library, to place herself at a safe distance from him.


Jacob (Nightwalkers Series #1)

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