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Venetian family of artists, founders of the Venetian School in the 15th and early 16th centuries. Jacopo b. Gentile b. Although now overshadowed by his brother, he was no less famous in his own day. Giovanni b.

He is principally known by the designs for compositions, comprising figures, landscape and architectural perspectives, in his sketch-books, of which his sons made use, now in the British Museum and Louvre.

His son Gentile was made Count Palatine by the emperor , and was chosen to go to Constantinople to paint portraits for the sultan, Mohammed II of whom the much-repainted portrait is in the National Gallery, London. A beautiful drawing of a janissary from his Turkish voyage is in the British Museum. The numerous works attributed to Giovanni, and coming from the workshop where he employed many assistants, show wide variations of style.

A sculptural firmness derived from his brother-in-law, Mantegna, appears in the impressive early work, The Agony in the Garden National Gallery. Antonello da Messina, who visited Venice —76, contributed no doubt to the richness of color and the development of his oil technique as seen in the portrait of Doge Leonardo Loredan, c.

One of the great Renaissance compositions is the altarpiece of San Giobbe, Venice, Accademia , while in its soft fullness of modeling the Madonna degli Alberetti Accademia links Bellini with his pupils, Giorgione and Titian. He worked to an advanced age on paintings for public buildings and churches in Venice and other cities, including numerous versions of the Madonna and Child.

Altarpieces for San Pietro Martire, Murano, the church of the Frari and the church of San Zaccaria are notable, as also is a late mythological composition, The Feast of the Gods, Washington , in which Titian may have had a hand.

Three related Italian painters who represent an important phase of late-Renaissance art, Lodovico Carracci and his cousins who were brothers Agostino and Annibale. Lodovico b. Agostino b. Annibale b. Lodovico was the founder of the famous academy at Bologna both a teaching school and a center of learned study , , in which he enlisted the aid of his cousins.

From he carried it on alone. Agostino took a leading place in the Bologna academy and in directing its policy, which required, not the piecemeal assemblage of various excellences in celebrated masters, but intelligent study, especially of Correggio and the Venetians, designed to counteract a facile Mannerism.

He worked with his brother on the decorations commissioned by Cardinal Odoardo Farnese for the Farnese Palace in Rome, —97, moving to Parma in Annibale's principal work was the decoration of the Farnese Palace, the Loves of the Gods being the theme of the paintings in its gallery, exuberant in movement, and with a light-hearted approach to the mythological subject.

The idealism of the Carracci did not exclude humor or an elem ent of caricature. With its two compositions by Domenichino of the legend of Perseus, the Farnese Gallery served as a model for the French painter decorators of the 17th century under Le Brun. In religious painting, Annibale may be thought less inspired and more conventional in the attempt to convey the pious spirit prescribed by the Counter-Reformation.

His work and that of the Bolognese School as a whole have risen in estimation as a prelude to the age of Baroque.


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