Un Mundo de Herramientas. Un calzado de seguridad diferente. Nuevo Horario Corrido Chasis: De acero.

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Research Scholar Home Research Scholar. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Agricultural Eco. Shamim Ahmad. Abuzar Nomani. Problem in working capital Management in co-operative and private sugar industry of western uttar Pradesh A Critical Analysis. Full Time. Plant Protection. Anam Choudhary. Studies on Cercospora leaf spot Web blight [Rhizoctonia solani] Kuhn and Anthracnose disease of Vigna radiate [mungbean] in and around Aligarh District and their management.

Anam Zia. Bionomics and management of cotton mealy bug Phenacoccus solenopsis [Tinsley] on vegetable crops. Anwar Abdul Wasi Almaqtari. Effect of artificial nutrition on the activity of honeybees.

Not Availing. Arshi Jamil. Studies on Fusarium wilt of Chickpea [Cicer arietinum L. Sato and its management. Post Harvest Engineering and Technology. Saghir Ahmad. Arshied Manzoor. UGC Non Net. Akram Ahmad Khan. Asim Hasan.

Indian Agriculture and Climate change A comprehensive analysis. Asma Naz. Studies on white stem rot of rapeseed-mustard caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Basharat Yousuf. Studies on effect of edible quoting quality of save fresh cut fruit. Deepak Kumar Sharma. Devesh Pathak. Studies on stem rot disease of some important Rabi cropcaused by Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum [Lib.

Faheem Ahamad. Occurrence of sheath blight [Rhizoctonia solani] and root knot [Meloidogyne graminicola] in major rice growing districts in Uttar Pradesh and their integrated management. Home Sciences.

Saba Khan. Women Entrepreneurship and its role in socio-economic development of the family A study in Aligarh city U. Faizan Khan Sherwani. Anisa M. Farah Habib. Psychosocial Correlates of Compliance in patients of Diabetes mellitus Type 2.

Farheen Mujeeb Khan. Green Marketing in Processed food Industry of India. Dr Shamshuzzama. Farnaz Hider. An Analysis of consumer cluster opting core life insurance products. Fasludeen N. Furqan Khan. Insha Zahoor. A comparative study on drying of selected vegetables using convective and Fluidized bed drying methods in combination with Microwave. Iram Aslam. Food preferences and its effect on nutritional status among adolescences. Irfan Ahmad. Integrated management of root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita infesting Vigna radiata L.

Irfan Khan. Studies on the effects of vegetables oils as fat replacer on quality and shelf life of semi-dry fermented sausage of buffalo Meat during refrigerated storage. Ishfaq Hameed Dar. Junaid Ahmad Pandith. Studies on efficacy of oat based edible coatings on quality and shelf life of selected minimally processed fruit and vegetables. Haniph Shah. Effect of Trichoderma spp.

Hasan Esmail Al-Madani. Study of honeybee diseases in Yemen. Biology of Bracon hebetor Say [Hymenoptera Braconidae]. Manish Kumar. Studies on blast disease of rice [Oryza sativa L. Farzana Alim. Mariyam Fatima. Material stability among women and its effect on social development of children.

Anis Anwar. Impact of climate change on food security. Mirza Tajamul Hussain. Studies of ultracool and microwave on osmatic dehydration. Mohammad Akram. Bio-management of Alternaria blight of mustard and powdery mildew cucurbits. Rais Ahmad. Mohammad Hasan. Mohammad Jamshed.

Mohammad Zia. A Cluster Study of women consumers Preferring packaged processed food. Iqbql Rather. Horticulture in Jammu and Kashmir Problems and Prospects. Agricultural Microbiology.

Saghir Khan. Bilal Ahmed. Studies on cellular uptake accumulation and phytotoxicity of nanoparticles in some crop plants. Iqbal Ahmad. Faizan Abul Qais. Studies on biomolecular interactions with nanoparticles and their role as antimicrobial agents and non-cytotoxic drug carriers. Firoz Ahmad Ansari. Mono and mixed biofilm formation by selected plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and their role in plant growth under stress conditions.

Khursheed Ali. Green synthesis of Nanoparticles and Assessment of their Anti-bacterial Anti-fungal and Anti-proliferative activities. Abdul Malik. Mohammad Tarique Zeyad. Characterization of native Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from agricultural and industrial soils and genotoxicity evaluation of the waste. Biotoxic impact of Agrochemicals on microbial diversity bioactive molecules of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and legume-Rhizobium symbiosis.

Shavez Khan. Screening and In vitro efficacy of certain antioxidant active plant extracts for their antibiofilm and antimutagenic properties.


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