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Read Instructions for Use prior to use. Application only under regularly supervision by specially trained staff. Operation Ensure the unit is properly positioned and secured. Prior to use check audible and visual alarms during self test. Also check the device for possible damage. If staff call is used we recommend to check the equipment once after connecting the pump.

Connect to patient only after switching on the device. Interrupt the connection during changing administration set s to prevent incorrect dose delivery. Position the infusion line free of kinks. Recommended change of disposables after 24 h consider national hygiene regulations. Compare displayed value with entered value. Start infusion only if values are corresponding.

Installation in medically used rooms must comply with the appropriate regulations e. Possible explosion hazard if used in presence of flammable anaesthetics! Air in line cannot be detected by the air detector at stop-cocks, infusion ports and additional administration set components.

If the equipment is operated in the vicinity of other equipment which may cause high levels of interference e. HF surgical equipment, nuclear spin tomography units, mobile telephones etc. Under certain conditions malfunctions may occur which lead to a device alarm with permanent alarm tone see also alarm conditions, page Interferences may occur e.

Special Function "without drip control, see page Other components Variations in pressure e. Where several infusion lines are connected on one single vascular access the possibility of their exerting a mutual influence vice-versa cannot be excluded. Refer to respective manufacturer s information for possible incompatibilities of equipment resp. Use only compatible combinations of equipment, accessories, working parts and disposables.

The use of not recommended resp. The medical specialist has to decide on the suitability of the application. The decision has to be made on the basis of the warranted properties and technical data. For further details please refer to the Instructions for Use. Display All important information in plain text. Green background illumination only if connected to mains or a key is pushed at battery operation. A is flashing in the display.

Possible alarms: "drop alarm, air alarm, pressure alarm, pump-door open, battery alarm, standby-alarm Operating Indicator Additional operating control indicator in display.

Holder for Drop Chamber Prevents unintended movement swaying. Adapter for Drop Sensor Replaceable, depending on drop chamber size. Press lateral and pull off. To release, press the black button. Automatic overload protection. Potential Equalisation To be connected for CF-applications. Door Opener Aluminium Housing Easy-care, drip water protected, resistant to disinfectants.

Flow Inhibitor Free flow clamp Opening door clamps off infusion line automatically. Peristaltic Pump For precise and reliable dosage. Enter volume ml. Press again key below VOL. Enter time e. Press again key below TIME. The key below RATE confirms the calculated rate. Ensure reliable installation Never position infusion bottle below pump level. Connect staff call. Insert spike vertically into infusion bottle. Fill lower part of drop chamber to max. Open roller clamp.

Filling and Venting Fill infusion line from bottom to top. Close roller clamp. Displayed type of infusion line must be identical to the used infusion line. Confirm with YES. Only in this case NEXT appears for selection of the type of infusion line. Insert Infusion Line Press door opener. Insert infusion line: First locate in free flow clamp, then insert vertical to bottom and fit properly into the air sensor.

Keep infusion line in place at air sensor. Close door. Open roller clamp completely. There may not be a continuous drip. Place drop sensor on drop chamber if necessary, use an appropriate adapter.

Puncture 6. Correction: Press C, then set new rate. Select additional settings, if desired see page 9. Green operating indicator goes out Close roller clamp. Press door opener.

Infusion line will be clamped off when opening the door. Remove infusion line after pressing free flow clamp. To end switch off Press for 2 sec. Green operating indicator goes out. Press C. Display reset to Enter new delivery rate. No setting possible, when C has not been pressed. Alarm if no restart within 2 min.

Press key below RATE. Rate is transferred to the upper level as large numbers. Pump operates at new rate. If new rate is not confirmed within 10 sec, infusion continues at previous rate. Correction Press C. Display h m. New entry. Note: When pre-selected time has been expired, the device switches to KOR-mode. Stop pump and press TIME. Clear resid. If desired, enter new target time. To continue infusion, the target time has to be displayed as h m or a new target time has to be set.

Target Volume Volume Pre-selection The target volume will be administered independent on the infused volume. Press key below VOL. Enter target volume via keypad and confirm with VOL. Values between 0. After confirming the display shows the residual volume instead of the target volume. Stop pump and press VOL. Clear displayed residual volume with C in display appears target volume ,- ml and confirm with VOL.

If desired, enter new target volume. To continue infusion, the target volume has to be displayed as ,- ml or a new target Rate Calculation Displayed delivery rate must be The delivery rate is calculated automatically and displayed rounded to one decimal place. Press C to clear.








B.BRAUN Infusomat P Pump IV Infusion


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