Santa Clara CA SPX Oct 26, Peribit Networks Monday announced a joint technology and marketing partnership with iDirect, a developer of satellite-based broadband access solutions for enterprise, government, carrier and educational customers as well as satellite network operators. The two companies will combine the newly introduced, Peribit SR Sequence Reducer product with the newly launched iDirect iNFINITI series hub and remote satellite networking products to accelerate application performance over satellite services that can now be auto-deployed in remote sites with no IT resources, including environmentally hostile locations. Today, Peribit introduced the new entry-level SR platform specifically designed for branch offices and remote sites in need of boosting application performance over links with limited bandwidth and high latency as commonly found on satellite links. To manage the entire network, operators will be able to use both the PeriScope Central Management System software and the iDirect scalable Network Management System NMS architecture to support global network customers with a single NMS manager for worldwide implementation.

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Introducing a key member of our technical support team — Kelin Rivera. We hope you enjoy the brief interview below! I started my career in networking through my university and interning, but the majority of my experience has come through on-the-job training at Lepton.

How long have you been with Lepton Global and what is your role on the team? We as a team take a proactive approach in monitoring network performance; as soon as I notice any irregularities, my goal is to address and resolve the problem before the customer discovers it. Another side of my job involves working closely with VSAT equipment. Every piece of equipment that we provide to our customers goes through rigorous testing at our headquarters location in Vienna, VA.

Our company is manufacturer agnostic, so we get to work with many different brands of antennae and modems. We once had a system that was deployed to an unusually high-temperature environment. My job is comprised of putting all the pieces of the SATCOM puzzle together for our customers, so they enjoy seamless connectivity. It is not a requirement for our customers to be VSAT experts; our NOC team guides customers thoroughly through training, configurations, setup, troubleshooting, and anything else they might need.

I continuously keep up with new product improvements and innovations, so I can optimally support our customers. Compared to other employers, what surprised you the most about Lepton Global? Kelin: Lepton Global offers a lot of flexibility — although we operate a hour NOC, we find a good work-life balance.

Our company culture also promotes inclusiveness. Because we are a small business, each employee is more than just a number on a ledger — each one of us plays a significant role in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Every Friday, we have a company-sponsored lunch together and get to know each other personally. One becomes a member of the Lepton family in a sense, and we genuinely care for each other. What is the biggest perk or benefit of working at Lepton Global? Kelin: Lepton has provided me with a lot of hands-on experience in the past year.

This is my first real IT job, and I have learned so much so far that I am impressed with myself! There is no cap on the knowledge potential we can gain at work.

Our team is continuously learning new technologies, developing new networking skills, and being challenged with new tasks. I have not only become skilled in SATCOM and networking through training, but I have also improved my social and customer-oriented skills and have become a better team player.

I am grateful for the theoretical and practical experience that Lepton gives me every day. What are some of the non-technical skills that you find useful working at Lepton? Kelin: When you imagine a network engineer or a technician, you might automatically assume he or she is engaging with a computer all day.

In my work, knowing how to talk to customers is as essential as my technical knowledge. Communicating clearly and effectively is critical in helping to solve problems for a customer on the phone to make sure that their mission is not delayed or even worse, compromised. For example, a loosely connected wire may be causing issues — knowing how to reassure the customer that the issue is temporary, identifying the problem, evaluating possible resolutions, and walking them through each step of the resolution are the types of skills that we utilize in the NOC every day.

In my opinion, empathy and a sense of urgency make us a winning team! Are there any skills that you would like to master in order to improve in your role? Kelin: I feel confident in the iDirect networking aspects of my job. As I mentioned earlier, we are encouraged to seek out new knowledge sources and learning tutorials to continually enhance our learning. I think my next area of learning is up in the sky — understanding how the satellite carriers operate.

I would like to understand the science behind the satellite signal transmissions, and what exactly happens at the satellite level with network changes, for example in transferring a remote from one carrier to another.

When I lived in Miami, I was mainly focused on my education. I lived with my grandma and had a few close friends but spent most of my time studying and focusing on earning my degree.

Since I got my education out of the way, I get to relax and devote more time to them. We go camping and fishing together and get together on the weekends and for holidays.

I also have eleven cousins, ranging from 0 to 15 years old. I get to play video games with them, dance and play soccer. Do you participate in any clubs or organizations outside of work? Kelin: Not at the moment, I am still looking for some extracurricular activities to do outside of work.

What do you like to do outside of work? Kelin: I try to stay as active as I can. Any unique talents that we should know about? Kelin: From age 6 to about 12 I was a part of a dance crew. We were choreographing most of our routines and raising money for local charities by competing in various local and national events in Honduras. When I was in college, I played soccer on the university team.

Our soccer team was not the best, but we did win most intermural games among the university teams. Congrats, Kelin!


2 iDirect NMS iMonitor Module, V6.0, 080105-1



2 iDirect NMS iMonitor Module, V6.0, 080105-1


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