Page Count: Automatic Drum Washing Machine. Sense the temperature in drum while drying, stop when clothes dry. Page 1. Page 2.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Sense the temperature in drum while drying, stop when clothes dry. Troubleshooting Error display and troubleshooting 20 troubleshooting 21 failure:display nothing troubleshooting 26 failure:water leaking troubleshooting Front load combo clothes washer and dryer combo 80 pages.

Benefits Intelligent drying Automatic washing program Washing load selecting automatically Technical Supports Automatic moisture sensing for the clothes and stop of operation when the laundry is dried, saving energy and trouble. Used new hose-sets and that old-sets should not be reused. Page Troubleshooting: Check if water is emptied Check if water level pressure switch is undamaged. Check if drain pump acts by touching Check if drain pump or Motor overheat protection or is damaged.

Troubleshooting: Cut off power and check if motor wires Reconnect well are connected well Pull out the wire connection of motor Then check if circuit is open by multimeter Error message: Troubleshooting: Check if the dry temperature sensor Connect well is connected properly Check if the dry temperature sensor Replace it is short cut or open Replace display board Error message:Door is not properly shut 20s after program is started.

Error message: Unclose the door before start program Troubleshooting: Close the door properly Error message: The memory function is failure Press power switch and check the voltage Make sure power supply cable assembly is between two pins of power switch.

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Haier HWD1000 User Manual

It is an amazing piece of engineering. It combines efficiency with space saving design. In this review, I intend to tell you why I got the machine, how it works, and why I love it so much. First of all, the Haier fits perfectly in my square foot apartment in Brooklyn.


Haier HWD1000


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