RPG Reference Home. What's New Questions? Sell us your stuff! Many voices and many visions can be seen throughout the various versions of this game. If you like science fiction role-playing, surely there is a setting here for you somewhere.

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Welcome to the Far Future as only can bring it to you! Starships, aliens, non-light saber-fighting? Podcast: Play in new window Download. Subscribe: Android RSS. Yeah, while I still own Classic Traveller, its mostly for inspiration.

I much prefer the Mongoose incarnation. Especially in their new 2E version, which I am currently playing. Still, warts and all, Classic is still a very playable game, and I do sign up to play it at Conventions. Just for my own gaming, and long term playing, I much prefer Mongoose.

Thank you! Dying during chargen? Never used it. In my games it resulted in a medical discharge. The player would have to undergo their next aging crisis early and character generation was complete. BBTW ane cobb had Steward Regarding Steward, quite a valuable skill as it would be needed for carrying those in high passage in your ship, a far more lucrative trade than carting vegetables.

Finally, a last word on survival. This is like in Pass The Pigs where you have to make a risk on whether to carry on and gain skills, or die and start again. Traveller was an alternative at the time to level based game systems, you did it justice, thanks. These were just pre-made robots, no design system suggested, though. Space combat. Yeah — no. Enjoying this episode.

Great discussion of Traveller. Mind blown. I just listened to this podcast for the first time and just heard Liz mention that her first Dragon Magazine, was issue 51… This was also my first Dragon! I got rid of my Dragon collection years ago, but I did replace my issue 51 a few years ago! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Robert Miller says: August 16, at PM. Ronald Anderson says: August 19, at AM. Ian 54 says: September 1, at AM. First, this podcast has become one of my favourites, keep up the good work.

Glad that no-one mentioned computer size! Even though I have an explanation for that. Pere Ubu says: May 15, at AM. Mothshade says: September 2, at PM. Bob Loftin says: September 6, at PM. Paul P says: March 30, at AM. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recent Episodes Episode


Classic Traveller

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Episode 6: Classic Traveller by GDW

Traveller is a science fiction role-playing game , first published in by Game Designers' Workshop. Marc W. Characters typically journey between various star systems and engage in activities such as exploration, ground and space battles, and interstellar trading. Characters are defined not by the need to increase native skill and ability but by achievements, discoveries, wealth, titles, and political power. Key features derived from literary sources are incorporated into Traveller in all its forms [ citation needed ] :. Traveller uses a lifepath-style system for character generation. Characters get their skills and experience in a mini-game, where the player makes career choices that determine the character's life right up to the point before adventuring begins.

DPM BL-100303 PDF

Traveller , sometimes referred to as Classic Traveller, is the original edition and was published between and The game system introduced a unique character generation system that helped it to stand out from other Role-playing games of the time. Players took their characters through a career development path usually in the military where the character rolled for different assignments and gained extra skills, rank and retirement benefits. Leaving a character in service for longer before the game would lead to more skills and beginning cash but could also mean that basic attributes such as strength would begin to degrade with old age. The game became known for its character generation system in which characters could die before a player finished rolling them up.

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