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But, like any other machines, there are better and worse paper shredders. My research was successful. God knows there are hundreds upon hundreds of manufacturers of paper shredders in the world.

The Powershred Ci falls in the former category. Few other shredders can compete with this in terms of features and price feasibility. Are you feeling tingly yet? One of the main reasons why this is without a doubt the best paper shredder I have ever come across is that it can run for 45 minutes with no interruption. Can you imagine how much paper you can shred in almost an hour? It looks excellent and reminds one of a nice computer case.

The size of the shredder is similar to a PC case, as well. I found that the wastebasket of a shredder is a vital component. Most of them are difficult to get out and put back in. I was blown away by how easy it is to do that with the Ci.

This aspect will come in very handy if a business owner decides to buy this for his office, where silence is needed for focusing. I join the ranks of all those satisfied customers that have praised this paper shredder.

Most people love the sensors it has. Whenever you load more paper than it can take, it automatically goes in reverse and spits it out, so jamming is virtually impossible. Another thing that has left other owners speechless is how incredibly fast this shredder is. It shreds faster than you can put paper in the slot. There were a few complaints that the machine arrived with physical damages.

Obviously, that is not the problem of the manufacturer. In this case, it is the problem of the one that transported it recklessly. Make sure you opt for a safe means of transportation. Personally, I love everything about this Fellowes. The price meets the quality and vice-versa. It served and still serves me well and not once did I need to send it back for maintenance. The person was obviously very enraged.

You can purchase the Fellowes Powershred Ci from a lot of shops on the web. However, you must be aware of the fact that each store applies its own fees to your order, so you might end up overpaying for your paper shredder.

Source: fellowes. Amazon, for instance, grants free shipping for this model, as well as an array of variations crosscut or strip-cut, Ci, Ci, etc. Fellowes definitely stepped up its game with the Powershred franchise.

There are models for everybody. You can use it both in your office and at your house. This might be the very first product I bought for everything it is endowed with. I recommend it to anybody who wants his paper shredder to be an investment, not a periodic loss of money. Download our FREE eBook guide and learn how paper shredders can help you clean your office and maintain your privacy in the process! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here is how.

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Powershred® 125Ci Cross-Cut Shredder

The sleek Ci will perform well in any professional environment where there are one to five users looking to do some serious shredding. Although a relatively small shredder, the is the largest in the Professional category of the Fellowes Powershred line. Its appealing size and shape are matched with excellent cutting power - paper, credit cards, and even CDs can be shred to level P-4 security at a rate of 16 feet per minute. The roomy 14 gallon shred bin will house plenty of shredded waste and cut down on trips to the dumpster, and the narrow design allows the Ci to fit anywhere in the home or office.


Fellowes Powershred 125Ci Cross-Cut Shredder

Why oil your shredder? Shredder Wizard Reset. Fellowes Powershred Ci 3. Purchase with Standard 2 Year Warranty. With regular use these easy to use sharpening sheets can keep your cutting blades both sharp and clean. Designed to be used alongside regular shredder oil for optimum performance. Need Help?


Powershred® 125Ci Cross-Cut Shredder

I purchased the Fellows Power shredder Ci about 1 month ago. Sam's handled transaction online purchase and delivery wondefully or perfect. The shredder is everything it description said it was. Its quite, safe, holds a lot of shreded material. Have not had any jam issues. I highly recommend this product.

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