Starts off with a discussion of ethical systems utilitarian vs deontological vs At this point I've lost all my computer science students; it seems to work Herman T. Information technology professionals must not only have a strong understanding of the latest technology, but they also need to be grounded in ethics.

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Herman T. We need a good book in cyberethics to deal with the present and prepare us for an uncertain future. Tavani's Ethics and Technology is such a book. Does technology threaten your civil liberties? How will bioinformatics and nanotechnology affect us?

Should you worry about equity and access in a globalized economy? From privacy and security to free speech and intellectual property to globalization and outsourcing, the issues and controversies of the information age are serious, complex, and pervasive.

In this new edition of his groundbreaking book, Herman Tavani introduces computer professionals to the emerging field of Cyberethics, the interdisciplinary field of study that addresses these new ethical issues from all perspectives: technical, social, and philosophical. Using fascinating real-world examples--including the latest court decisions in such cases as Verizon v. Grokster, Google versus the Bush Administration, and the Children's Online Pornography Act CIPA --as well as hypothetical scenarios, he shows you how to understand and analyze the practical, moral, and legal issues that impact your work and your life.

About the Author Herman T. He is the author, editor, or co-editor of five books on ethical aspects of information technology. Designing a Controversial Computer. Before becoming a full-time professor at Rivier College in New Hampshire, Tavani worked in the computer industry as a software technical writer and writing supervisor.

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Ethics and Technology: Controversies, Questions, and Strategies for Ethical Computing, 5th Edition

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Ethics and Technology : Controversies, Questions, and Strategies for Ethical Computing

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