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Efficiency is stated as 'dB SPL' while frequency extension is stated to 38hz-Not likely to be true in an enclosure of this size. Some simulations in the past I did on the RCF told me that it's like an reflex tuned a little ridicously high. What you need depends on the kind of music it has to play and personal favour. I would also let it depend on the the size of the system and type of crowd for that matter. For standard drive-in shows an f6 of about 40 Hz will do nicely. But I also now people that use a lowcut on 50 Hz and seem to like it.

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Log in Become a member. Product presentation. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review. Like Tweet Submit. Average Score: 4. Sort by most recent most useful. The ESW subwoofer is a "go anywhere" used on different types of music.. However, while limiting the power of HP intake to avoid breakage Easy to carry Did you find this review helpful?

I used two manufacturing house for 3 months. I love the ease of manufacture, the excellent performance which, with little power, gives a strong low-rev, weight and size.

For cons, I find the bass bad enough, the sound is not really nice compared to L acoustics, for example and do not much dcends I would say excellent for the electro, dubstep to worse Two RCF ART A ideal for 2 esw I would do without this choice hsiter, especially that leroy merlin there for the 60th of wood. I also think trying out new boxes for HP, but in any case the fawn esw is the only pair in return for a I use them for a short time.

I tried a lot of models but in Bass Reflex. Obviously this sub is not designed to go very low in the spectrum, but dynamic range issue I have never heard of such performance. Hi, I have a pair for 10 years already! There are two months I did a little their facelift: removing carpets, sanding, painting installation of wheels, corners And above all change the amplification on the advice of a PRO, I pushed in crest or QSC 2x in 8 now a PLX bridg W at 4, I redcouvre and again, we can do even better with the big amps "very" high end, too chre for me In short, super subwoofer lasting, lasting, lasting if one cares BUT as many will say, prvoir a large amplification quality!!!

Good advice, forget mactruc, audiomachin, etc I use it for 4 months I amplify that starts with a Phonic Max coming out in rms bridge on paper Amplifications with these two, I had some problem, the box banged pretty good, but not huge like c'tait dcrivait the commantaires on this forum, and more when I pushed a little, I heard a "snap" DCID I take things in hand and change the amp You can feel the bass on the chest even at 5 meters. Report qualitprix, I do not think we can really do better now.

With the exprience I would do this chosen without Siter, vai dailleurs I buy another one for Christmas and the t 2 next. I advise the crown MA.. One of the best performance for its class ideal for electronic zic Tip: If you need to change the bowl after many years of loyal service, put a L18PND that almost 0.

Hint: if you put the box up to say the event is down, you gain 3db ideal if you do a benefit with a sub on each side and then at the last moment he almost pushed a little further. Version 2 has exsist, either painting black granite or black carpet if you find used in carpet you say they have at least 6 years.

Its growth is reliable. Cheap to buy. Cheap has conversed. It's all good. The sub, although a bit one-note is really monstrous! I built two in the spring depending on the exact plan of the original, in multiples of 18, with L18S dedant and driven by a crest CA9 4 ohm bridged 2Kw they bump hard.

Of course, I will build two more by the end of the year and I think that a small stack of 4 at the center will ca. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. For this Christmas I am work in club 20m X 15m, dj techno party, people for first time. Peoples tell me entire night how sounds is so good, strong and powerful. No any distorsion, only clean power. Most important, you can get normal conversation with people parallel with all SPL.


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