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Eclectic and striving never to follow paths into ruts, the OF Blog focuses on essays, reviews, interviews, and other odds and ends that might be of interest to fans of both literary and speculative fiction. Now with a cute owl for your enjoyment. I was waiting for it to come out.

By the way I also enjoyed "El fin de la locura". Glad to have made you aware of his latest. As for El fin de la locura , I placed an order for it a week or so ago and it should arrive any day now. I've read three of Volpi's books now and each of them is excellent, even though none are alike in story structure.

Post a Comment. Subscribe in a reader. Short as it is, this extraordinarily developed novel by the ever intriguing Mexican author Volpi [ En busca de Klingsor , Looking for Klingsor ] packs an expansive cultural and temporal punch. It transports readers among Iraq, Mexico, and various university towns of the Eastern seaboard where the semiautobiographical narrator finds himself exiled, all the while moving between the real and abstract spiritual realms.

Pointed criticisms of U. Infused with aphorisms faintly reminiscent of Khalil Gibran, this work distills its text and part of its title from a entry daily blog that the author maintained earlier this year. By turns cryptic, philosophical, and even poetic, this novel marks an interesting departure for a challenging writer. Recommended for libraries and bookstores serving readers of serious experimental fiction. But what about those fortunate few here among us who really want to read Volpi's work, who love Gibran, who just want to learn more about it for free?

Well, you're in luck. Volpi created a blog specifically for this novel. Go check it out. Excuse me, but I have some reading to do now. I have to determine whether or not this short novel will make my year-end discussion of the best books of Posted by Lsrry at PM. Labels: Jorge Volpi. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Follow by Email. The Frugal Chariot. Images of a Life 10 hours ago. Universe in Words. Review: 'break your glass slippers' by amanda lovelace 1 day ago.

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More like the stories, because two stories are intertwined in this book. The chapters are really short, almost poetic, and describe two very different lives, between the s and the s. The narrator is a Mexican intellactual, who lives between his home country, Europe and the United States. His story line mostly follows his love life, and his — if I may — boring life. The other storyline follows that of an Iraqi woman, Leila, who just lost her father, her husband and her baby boy because of war and terrorism. She is desperate, and takes the road to find the remaining members of her family.


El Jardin Devastado: Una Memoria


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