Hiperalgesia asociada al tratamiento con opioides. La hiperalgesia inducida por opioides se ha manifestado en pacientes con dosis de manten Rabdomiolisis asociada al tratamiento con valaciclovir. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. La especie dominante es el mangle rojo Rhizophora mangle. The dominant species was the red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle. The peak of productivity and flowering was in July. The mangrove productivity decline from to while the temperature rised. Epub March. Mendoza-Zapata, Lady C. Nuevos resultados del estudio del sitio Ajej I: un aporte a la variabilidad de estrategias de los canoeros fueguinos. Los resultados permiten discutir sobre la diversidad de estrategias implementadas por los cazadores-recolectores canoeros.

The study of the archaeological site Ajej I dated between and BP is the result of a rescue excavation carried out in the northern coast of the Beagle Channel, an area peopled by sea littoral hunter-gatherers since the seventh millennium BP. The analyses results pinpoint that the site is characterized by: a a low redundant occupation; b a selectivity of the pinnipeds as preys; c a differential distribution of their anatomical parts; and d a low diversity of activities carried with the lithic instruments.

Besides, these studies provided an early date to the presence of bows and arrows in such an austral region. Results enable to discuss on the variability of the strategies carried on by those sea nomads. Archeological fieldwork carried out un July on terrace East at El Castillo site, Santa Valley, resulted in the discovery of a child burial wrapped in many textiles.

One of them is unique. It represents a harvest scene of the plant identified as the manioc or yucca. The archeological context indicates a Moche III date for the burial based of the content of the fill between plastered clay floors from over and under the tomb.

Description of the textile's context it followed by a discussion of its nature and possible implications on Moche economy. Los datos fueron relevados entre los meses de octubre y noviembre de Pontoscolex corethrurus Annelida: Oligochaeta indicador de la calidad del suelo en sitios de Eucalyptus grandis Myrtacea con manejo tumba y quema.

La presencia de oligoquetos en los ecosistemas puede indicar fertilidad del suelo, ya que estos organismos transportan, mezclan y entierran los residuos vegetales de la superficie al interior del suelo.

Fournier y Pappophorum pappipherum Lam. NET como herramienta de desarrollo. Also, an episode of severe sepsis may Full Text Available Archaeological excavation at the Guayabero I rock-shelter, considered the first stratified investigation of the preceramic period in the Colombian Amazonia, reveals human presence since c.

The Abrian type prismatic, concoid, triangular and retouched flakes, and the less abundant, terminal, disk-like, lateral and circular scrapers recovered from a brownish sandy soil are evidence of a preceramic occupation between and B. Scarce ceramic fragments found at the uppermost levels of the excavation, due to their similarity, only suggest possible relationships to ceramic traditions of the Araracuara and La Pedrera localities, within the same Amazon region.

Pollen, seeds, ochre, and resins analysis will probably expand this first evidence of hunter-gatherers in the eastern tropical lowlands of Colombia. Sepsis is a major growing global burden and a major challenge to intensive care clinicians, researchers, guideline committee members and policy makers, because of its high and increasing incidence and great pathophysiological, molecular, genetic and clinical complexity.

In spite of recent progress Further improvement in the care of patients with sepsis will impact upon global health. In this narrative review The estimation of the number of individuals buried in a funerary site constitutes one of the most problemic aspects of archaelogy. The information provided by the teeth, taking into account that they are the best preserved structures of the skeletal material collected, is used in this work through the analysis of the values of variability and asymetry of odontoscopic aspects such as Carabelli's tubercule in M1, upper shovel-shaped incisors, development of hypocone in M 1, and the cusp pattern in M 1, and odontometric data.

Both analysis were made for the permanent identification of a sample made up by students classified as caucasoids. A step-by step estimation method is developved fixing the levels of odontoscopic and odontometirc confidence, which in addition considers age estimations of all specimens found in the funerary site. A pesar de la existencia de cementerios en el sitio Moche, se han encontrado varias sepulturas en el sector urbano.

Funerary practices of the Moche are well known and they show that a strong hierarchy had been established within this complex society. Although cemeteries existed at the Moche. El De acuerdo a estos estudios, en el sitio se enterraron al menos 16 individuos de distintos grupos etarios y ambos sexos. Because of its high incidence and clinical complexity, sepsis is a major challenge to clinicians and researchers and a global burden to healthcare systems and society.

Despite recent progress, short- and long-term morbidity, mortality and costs remain high in both developed and developing countri La profundidad promedio del mantillo fue de 16cm, con una densidad promedio de Micromamiferos andinos holocenicos del sitio arqueologico Inca Cueva 5, Ju Juy, Argentina: tafonomia, zoogeografia y reconstruccion paleoambiental. The taphonomy indicates that the sequence is an owl pellet accumulation inside the cave.

The general landscape corresponds to the oriental border of the Puna steppe, with scattered shrub and low brush vegetation. The modem records of this species in northem Argentina and southern Bolivia come from localities with high montane bunchgrass prairies and forests of the humid Yungas phytogeographical region. The presence of this species in the sequence suggests wetter climatic conditions on this region when the archaeological site was originated.

Later drier conditions, caused probably by anthropic influence in the last years, produced the retraction of Cavia tschudii to the moist eastern side of the Andes and its disappeareance of the Puna areas.

These sites are located in the Villavicencio and Divisadero Largo natural reserves. Knowledge of the vitreous cultural material of this region allows us to show consumption patterns of various types of beverages and medicines among the mining working class of the Mendoza Precordillera, Argentina.

Assessment of wind potential at three sites in the state of Durango; Evaluacion del potencial eolico en tres sitios del estado de Durango. As part of the activities of the project Laboratorio Nacional para la Evaluacion de los Recursos Renovables en Mexico LERM , a preliminary estimate of the wind potential in three sites of Durango state was carried out, Lerdo degrees 31 minutes 28 seconds W, 25 degrees 32 minutes 10 seconds N and m altitude , Guadalupe Victoria degrees 07 minutes W, 24 degrees 27 minutes N and m altitude and Santiago Papasquiaro degrees 25 minuets 09 seconds W, 25 degrees 02 minutes 38 seconds N and m altitude.

The following results were obtained from data analysis: Lerdo, measurement period February to January 20 m height , monthly wind speed average 1. Analizando la informacion obtenida en diferentes periodos de medicion se obtuvieron los siguientes resultados: Lerdo, periodo de medicion de febrero de a enero de a 20 m de altura, velocidad promedio mensual del viento entre 1.

Una segunda etapa estuvo orientada a determinar la estructura sexo-etaria de la muestra. Analyses were carried out in different stages. First, a detailed inventory of the collection was made and some taphonomic variables were considered in order to evaluate the general condition of the bone remains.

A second phase was oriented to the determination of the age-sex structure of the sample. Finally, occupational stress markers studies were undertaken along with the observation of certain infectious and traumatic pathologies.

As a whole, these analyses show the. We discuss the necesity of study systematically the acoustic effects in archaeological sites, Mayans in particular. We present an overview of the state of the regarding both anthropological and mathematical modeling aspects.

After presenting a general introduction and discussion about what we consider a suitable theoretical archaeoacoustical framework, we review existing works on the acoustics of Mayan sites. El impacto del turismo en los Sitios Patrimonio de la Humanidad. El hallazgo fortuito del sitio y la complejidad de la estructura funeraria datada en ca.

Las hojas representaron el mayor componente Mobil laboratory for the evaluation on site of the power electric equipment, second generation; Laboratorio movil para la evaluacion en sitio del equipo electrico de potencia, segunda generacion. La aplicacion del laboratorio movil es conveniente desde la puesta en servicio del equipo. Los mecanismos electricos se prueban en fabrica de acuerdo a protocolos normalizados, ello garantiza el cumplimiento de los requisitos necesarios para una correcta operacion.

Sin embargo, al llevarlos al sitio de montaje, estos se ven sometidos a una serie de procesos y esfuerzos mecanicos que pueden alterar las condiciones e integridad del equipo. Preliminary results of the evaluation of the Wind power resource in several sites of the state of Zacatecas; Resultados preliminares de la evaluacion del recurso eolico en varios sitios del estado de Zacatecas. The present article shows the preliminary results of the analysis of wind power monitoring of fifteen agro-climatic stations 3 m high, of Instituto Nacional de Investigationes Forestales, Agricolas y Pecuarias of Zacatecas state.

These results will allow selecting the best sites for the collection of wind power generators of medium and low scale for the possible development of wind farms in rural zones not connected to the national power network. Estos resultados permitiran seleccionar los mejores sitios para la coleccion de aerogeneradores de mediana y baja escala para el posible desarrollo de granjas eolicas en zonas rurales desconectadas de la red electrica nacional.

Flora asociada a sitios minados. Los pacientes fueron comparables en edad y sexo. Conclusiones: La diferencia en la frecuencia de ISQ en ambos grupos no fue significativa. Rev Med Hered ; There were two groups: the study-group with patients with.

Se discuten las implicaciones de esta evidencia para las pautas conductuales de cazadores-recolectores en la costa sur de Tierra del Fuego. This site is located in a coastal setting in the middle section of the Moat River Basin and records occupations during the Late Holocene ca. Technological diversity and the zooarchaeological record point to the development of multiple activities.

Lithic artifacts dominate the technological assemblage. Lithic debitage indicates a strong emphasis towards final stages of reduction, shown by the lower occurrence of artifacts with cortex and the high frequency resharpening. It is reported that surgical site infections SSI are frequent forms of nosocomial infections, which are originated by multiple germs bacteria, viruses, fungi. Finalmente, se presenta el grado de avance del proyecto y su impacto a nivel organizacional. This work reveals that in addition to presenting evidence of local populations, the site has colcas or qullqas for the storage of products, terraces of pirca, and roads paved with stone, among other constructions.

A large percentage Most Se describe el sitio y los materiales encontrados. Full Text Available Alcohol consumption is not just a current phenomenon; archaeological findings demonstrate that many ancient civilizations around the world also made fermented beverages from a variety of products, including maize. However, the archaeological study of fermented beverages is not straightforward because the raw materials used in alcohol production are recovered only under exceptional conditions of preservation and the equipment remains are fragmentary.

In this paper, our aim is to consider how ethnographical and ethnohistorical data may be used to better interpret the potential archaeological evidence for the production of fermented beverages. Here we use as an example the Middle Horizon site of Marayniyoq, from the Peruvian central highlands to discuss the production of fermented beverages. Medical records from patients were retrieved from the hospital sepsis registry. Each patient with sepsis was considered as a case. Patients who were admitted immediately after the sepsis episode were considered as controls, provided that they did not have sepsis and survived the ICU admission.


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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. La especie dominante es el mangle rojo Rhizophora mangle. The dominant species was the red mangrove, Rhizophora mangle. The peak of productivity and flowering was in July. The mangrove productivity decline from to while the temperature rised. Epub March.


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