This seminar product is quite simply unlike any other in the industry. Take advantage of this special offer and register for the event now. Success in training, whether for the purpose of strength development, conditioning for life or sport, body transformation, mass gain, fat loss, or any other conceivable goal adheres to the same principle. In this groundbreaking product, Johnny Pain will present as only he can on the all important Eighty Percent. Have you invested time and money into coaching, books, or other products in pursuit of your goal s only to find yourself coming up short or not making the significant progress that you desire?

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This book is dedicated to the lovely Ginger Pain whose ass is prominently featured on the cover of this book. Table of Contents. The Blueprint to Beast Success Formula. This book was written with a very specific objective in mind. When I began writing this book, it was intended to be primarily a work on diet, specifically those principles that I use with clients to drop the fat and show off their hard- earned muscle. What happened during the creation of this work however was an evolution into a book outlining the big picture methods that I use to achieve the type of results that I have become known for over the last several years.

This involves the clarity of your desired outcome, the beliefs that you possess regarding the subject, and the repetitive actions, or habits that you have with regards to the mechanical portion of your quest. These same principles I have used for some time now with tremendous success with clients with radically diverse desired outcomes.

The majority of my coaching and consulting over the last two years has been in the general success and life coaching side of things. What began as a method of helping clients achieve more success than they ever were previously able to attain in their efforts in the gym evolved into a practice of helping people from all walks of life dramatically improve their overall life situation. Part one of this book allows you to learn the tools that I use to affect these changes in the mental makeup of the individual.

This is, in my opinion, the most valuable book that has ever been offered in terms of body transformation or recomposition due to this section alone.

This material has never been addressed in this context anywhere else. In part two we will look at the mechanical components of a successful transformation.

There is certainly more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to changing your body. The focus here in the mechanical section is going to be my go-to diet methods that I use with clients who are primarily looking for a leaner, more attractive physique regardless of where they are at in their development. As I said, this title will primarily serve as.

This book will benefit anyone who is in the market for a leaner, more attractive body. That represents a significant majority of those who enter a gym, set up shop in their basement or garage, or make any other efforts to begin construction on a hot, panty dropping body that sets them apart aesthetically from the herd. I will briefly take a look at a few of the most common situations that I have dealt with. Chances are, like me, you were not genetically blessed with regards to being naturally lean and muscular though I do not doubt that you may have been blessed in other departments.

I for instance am left only to assume that after crafting my genitalia, the higher power that created me simply thought it unfair to the rest of the world to send me out with Adonis physique genes. If you had been blessed with those types of genes, you probably never would have gotten into training in the first place. Think about that for a minute, this relationship could have never happened!

Person A. This guy has been lifting weights on and off for the last decade, starting as a teenager in his garage.

Despite his continual efforts however, he has been unable to ever truly develop the body that he wanted. It seems as though many with far less knowledge on the subject have passed him up over the years in terms of their physique development.

Person B. This guy had little background in training prior to joining a CrossFit gym a little over a year ago.

This prompted him to adopt a new program that entailed a rigid schedule of heavy lifting coupled with a mass calorie diet and a gallon of milk per day. He was happy with the strength and size that he built, but very much unhappy with the fact that he now looks like a fat shit with his shirt off. Person C. This guy played high school and college sports and did well. He was in great shape, though suffered a few injuries over the years. Since graduating, he has worked in a job where he was much more sedentary, gotten married, and built up a good degree of fat on his once lean body.

He feels athletic again and is seeing some nice physique improvements, but feels that he could certainly benefit from some more direction if he is to become the Adonis that he wants to be. Person D. D is an older man who is recently divorced after years spent in a troubled marriage.

He is. He needs a push to hit the gym and transform himself into a more attractive and confident individual. He has vowed. He knows that he needs to change his shell, and evolve into the man he wishes he sees in the mirror, inside and out.

Person E. Here we have a beast of a man who devotes a good amount of his energy to training, eating right, and looking top notch. He does well with the ladies, and is content in his professional pursuits. His friends look up to him, and seek him out for advice with regards to training and diet.

He feels that despite his efforts, and the rewards that he has reaped as a result, he has never been one hundred percent happy with his body. Person F. This man is a personal trainer who makes his living in the fitness industry.

He feels that he would be more successful as a trainer if his own body were a bit harder and more defined. He wants to do black and white, professional photos of himself for promotional purposes on his website and facebook, but lacks the confidence that his physique is truly impressive enough to attract the business that he wants.

Additionally he feels that if he can learn these principles for his own application, that he will be able to pass the information along. Chances are that you may be able to relate to one or more of these cases. If that is the case, or even if your situation is dramatically different from those listed above, the principles presented in this book, particularly part one, will definitely be of tremendous value to you. My mission with this book is to present you with the tools needed to perform a mental makeover, the kind necessary to guarantee your happiness and success first and foremost.

Part One. Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this method, and look at how to apply the information to transforming your body, I want to provide you with a bit of background on how these principles came to be. When I was roughly fifteen years old I became obsessed with the study of personal development. This was a direct result as I have shared before in article form in my fixation on a particular girl who walked into my life at the time, and became the object of my pursuits and desire.

I nixed the junk foods and sedentary lifestyle in a comical sort of progression. My first. Pepper that I was drinking each day, replacing it with Sprite which I thought was much healthier for me due to its clear color and lighter taste I had a lot to learn.

Meals of pizza and fried foods were replaced by. I could find in the store. This evolved over a few months into me doing frequent sets of push-ups in the back room, a practice that I became nearer and dearer to once I joined the Army, and that I continue to recommend to this day. In addition to the push-ups, I would knock out sets of jumping jacks and other calisthenics at virtually any moment that I found myself alone with no one around. I took the constant movement idea to the extreme as I have a tendency to do shaking my.

During this time I educated myself on nutrition, sitting in the aisles at Borders for hours on end, reading everything I could get my hands on. Soon enough, after enough trial and error, I came across good information on bodybuilding nutrition from the right sources and soon scrapped my turkey dogs in favor of grilled chicken, rice, salads, and protein shakes.

My physical efforts resulted in pretty astounding changes to my body. I went from a flabby lbs down to a Bruce Lee-esque lbs on my then five foot eight inch frame in just short of four months.

Despite my efforts however, I was unhappy overall with my body still. I wanted muscle. I wanted evidence that I was training so much. This led me to allow a new friend into my life. He took me to a proper gym for the first time in my life, and I immediately knew that I was where I was meant to be.

My studies evolved to reading and devouring every text I could find on the subject of bodybuilding, and within two months my friend who competed and introduced me to the sport was calling me up with questions about the subject. I began taking others under my wing, loving the work involved in teaching them to lift weights, instructing them about diet, and writing programs for them.

I gained about twenty pounds, certainly not yet cutting an imposing figure when in. I became the most neurotic dieter I have ever been exposed to, packing my food for lunch, facing sure ridicule at the lunch table from my friends. I had a mission; I was going to be a God. While learning about, and building my body, I was also reading anything I could about communication, influence, and developing the confidence needed for success.

I had it in my head that winning this particular girl despite the fact that I was now being pursued by many others would require me to become a Superman. I had to be unlike anyone else, better in every imaginable manner. My one hundred-seventy IQ allowed me to soak up information from any imaginable media.

I acquired books by the founders, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, a feat that was much more difficult in those days before Amazon. Fast-forward a few years, and at seventeen I enlisted in the Army, one of the best decisions I ever made. I needed a change in my life and that was just the thing.

I moved up in rank quickly, though lost it just as quick due to a quick temper and a propensity for acting out violently. My time spent in the service, which culminated in a combat tour for which I was highly decorated, will be the subject of another book so I will not get too far into it here, but the principles and ideas that I learned in my studies of personal development prepared me greatly for the leadership roles that I would be thrust into.

At nineteen I found myself a team leader in an Airborne Infantry unit, doing battle with the Taliban in Afghanistan. I was leading men ten years my senior who did not once utter complaint about that fact, but rather followed my lead and respected me immensely.

I left the military officially before my twenty-first birthday, having enlisted at seventeen. I endeavored to make a fortune investing in real estate, the first of my many failed ventures in the civilian world. My partners were not as.

I then took up teaching combatives, another life long passion of mine. I instructed private citizens as well as some local law enforcement agencies on everything from hand to hand combat, handling prisoners, and working with various weapons, to small unit tactics and selecting appropriate firearms for their given mission. I taught rape awareness and prevention classes to women, even buying mats and a trailer and taking my show on the road.


ISBN 13: 9780615775265

JP calls this the "Eighty Percent". He attributes the success of his many remarkable cases over the years to the application of these mental principles that guarantee success. This is the first detailed look, in print, at these principles in action. Prior to this release the only way to receive this information was to pay JP's notoriously expensive professional rates for consultations or coaching. This is material that you will not want to miss. Part Two looks at the "Twenty Percent" or the mechanical principles that JP uses as his go-to tools with many of his clients.


Drop the Panties: The Greyskull Guide to a Better Body

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Drop the Panties


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