The digital code lock system with LCD using microcontrollers is a password-based system. This project can be used as a security checking system to stop access to a room only for unauthorized persons with the password. So this project can be named with a wide range of names such as a digital combination lock, a digital security code lock, a password security system, an electronic code lock , a digital code lock. People name this type of a security system with various names, although all of them mean to make a password-based security system with a different microcontroller with some extra features like automatic door open or lock, GSM-based SMS alert , sound alarm, etc.

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Rickey's World Toggle sidebar Login Toggle sidebar. Login Please Enter Your Information. Remember Me Login. I forgot my password. I want to register. Back to login. Its a simple project with efficient hacking prevention from Brute Force etc.

The basic user lock is of 5 Digits and Master Lock is of 10 digits so its not easy for an intruder to break the lock unless you keep the code simple. The input is taken from a 4x3 Keypad please see the schematic for more information and Display the user input on a 2x16 LCD. A pin is assigned as output for activating and deactivating the lock.

For demonstration i have connected an LED to that pin. If user has to do setup his own code, then he has to enter "" and press ' '. After this.. Entering master lock, user can enter the new 5 digit code for the lock and press ' ' to save it. Numeric keys are used for entering numbers. H - LCD function prototypes and other declerations Lock.

C - code for lock functioning LOCK. C - Main function! Filesize Downloads Sir iam unable to run the code in proteus Geethika, can you post your problem in forum with proteus schematic? You can make use of Solenoid lock. Sir iam unable to run the code lock. Vikshit, Check your keypad connections. Try swapping Rows and Columns. If you still face issue post in forum.

Programmer software converts hex to binary before loading. You should not have any issue installing hex file in IC. Code is written for Keil. Thank you very much sir. The program was running very well on at89s Just keep the same port pins. Please do prepare an abstract and share it with us. We will add it to this project as your contribution.

Srikar, code is provided in the zip file. Post in forum for further questions. Should I just be burning the main. What are the other files for? I have also provided hex file incase you do not have compiler. Post in forum if you need any help. Can u send me the whole working of main circuit diagram I need urgent Sir can you help me for my project?

I need to have a servo motor that use for my lock. My project is like a vault. Hi, I am working on digital code lock project. I got the output on proteus did not connect the pull up resistors connected to lcd. Sir can u send whole code. Username: Required; Min length 5. Email Required; will not be displayed. Huge Large Normal Small. Submit comment. Tue May 19 , PM. DIL8 , that works? Sat May 02 , PM. Hi I am looking for a assembly language program for a digital decimal counter.

Time counts max limit of 2 mins starting from 2. Edsim51 simulator to be used. Wed Mar 25 , AM. Fri Mar 13 , PM. Fri Mar 13 , AM. Sat Mar 07 , PM. Wed Feb 26 , AM. Sat Feb 01 , AM. Wed Jan 22 , PM. I m getting errors while simulation process during interfacing socket output and lcd Can i get the report of ur project which is same as us.

Tue Jan 14 , AM. Recent Downloads Comments Members. Thu May 21 , AM. Wed May 20 , PM. Wed May 20 , AM. Mon May 18 , PM. Guests: 65, Members: Trending Topics. Forum Activity. Detect magnet position with Hall effect sensor.

How can i calculate minimum ISR interval for nuvoton 8bit? Greenhouse Monitoring.


Digital Code Lock With LCD and Keypad Using AT89C2051

Rickey's World Toggle sidebar Login Toggle sidebar. Login Please Enter Your Information. Remember Me Login. I forgot my password. I want to register. Back to login. Its a simple project with efficient hacking prevention from Brute Force etc.


Digital Code Lock with LCD and Keypad using AT89C2051 (Electronics Project)

Security is a major concern in our day to day life, and digital locks have become an important part of these security systems. Even now, there are Digital locks which can be operated using our smart phones, means no more need to keep different keys, just one smart phone can operate all the locks, this concept is based on Internet of Things. In this project, we have explained a simple Electronic code lock using Microcontorller , which can only be unlocked by a predefined code, if we enter the wrong code, the system alerts by siren the buzzer. We have already created a Digital lock using Arduino. Keypad is used for inserting password into the microcontroller. Buzzer is used for indication of wrong password and LCD is used for displaying status or messages on it.


Functioning of Digital Code Lock with LCD using 8051 Microcontroller

Post a Comment. So i spent some time making this project. You will find working of this project same as that of original project. Nothing has been changed as such.


Digital Code lock with LCD and Keypad using AT89C2051


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