No category. Der KS-Riegel kann individuell an die Situation angepasst werden. Der KS-Riegel kann auch bei Monoreduktoren eingesetzt werden. Lagerungs- und Haltbarkeitshinweise Es sind keine besonderen Lagerungsbedingungen zu beachten. Die Haltbarkeit ist unbegrenzt. Zur Kontrolle wird der Kunststoffriegel eingepasst.

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No category. Der KS-Riegel kann individuell an die Situation angepasst werden. Der KS-Riegel kann auch bei Monoreduktoren eingesetzt werden. Lagerungs- und Haltbarkeitshinweise Es sind keine besonderen Lagerungsbedingungen zu beachten.

Die Haltbarkeit ist unbegrenzt. Zur Kontrolle wird der Kunststoffriegel eingepasst. Jetzt muss ein Wachs-up oder eine Aufstellung erfolgen, um die genaue Lage des Riegels zu finden. Das Wechseln des Riegels wird dadurch erleichtert. Verwendete Symbole Chargenbezeichnung 8. Sonstige Hinweise Diese Gebrauchsanweisung entspricht dem aktuellen Stand der Technik und unseren eigenen Erfahrungen.

Das Produkt darf nur in der unter Punkt 2 beschriebenen Indikation verwendet werden. Indication range The KS-lock is a prefabricated sliding lock which is used as a retention element for the removable element of the restoration from removable implant structures or telescopic crowns. The KS-lock can be adapted individually to any situation. All common alloys also suitable for electroplated objects can be used for the primary and the secondary element.

The KS-lock can also be used for unilateral removable dentures. Indication The KS-lock is to be used for removable dentures freeend saddles, restorations for large gaps telescopic and conical crowns, unilateral removable dentures and implant-supported dentures that are fixed rigidly to the residual teeth.

Contraindication Based on the current state of knowledge there are no known contraindications. The product should not be used for patients with a suspected allergy until allergy tests have been completed to confirm that the patient is not allergic to the materials contained in the product. Storage and durability information No special storage conditions are required. The product features unlimited durability. Processing The primary element is prepared in a way that the lock can be integrated towards the dorsal direction and unlocked later on.

An opening corresponding to the size of the lock must be prepared in the primary element. The plastic lock is fitted in for control purposes. The primary element can be cast in all commonly used alloys and finished subsequently. Then a wax-up or set-up is completed to determine the accurate position.

Then a matrix is fabricated. The titanium sleeve is integrated in the secondary element and removed again before casting. The secondary element is finished and the titanium sleeved is glued in the correct position using DTK adhesive, REF 6.

Integrate the plastic lock and use a clasp wire 0. The matrix is used to wax up an opener unlocking device shaped like a cusp. Remove the axle and invest and cast the plastic lock. After casting, the lock is fitted in and the restoration is completed. Do not laser or solder the lock axle - use adhesive only. This will simplify exchanging the lock. Technical data Dimensions: Lock: 4. Symbols Lot number 8.

Additional information These instructions for use are based on state-of-theart methods and equipment and our own experience. The product may only be used for the indication described under item 2.

The user himself is responsible for processing the product. Liability for incorrect results shall be excluded since the manufacturer does not have any influence on further processing. Any occurring claims for damages may only be made up to the value of our products. Contre-indications Selon nos connaissances actuelles des contreindications ne sont pas connues.

Dans la structure primaire, il faut pratiquer une ouverture de la taille du verrou. Weissenhorner Str. Controindicazioni Attualmente non sono note controindicazioni. Avvertenze per la conservazione e la durata Non si devono osservare particolari indicazioni di conservazione.

Nella costruzione primaria deve essere eseguito un foro della grandezza del chiavistello. Per verificare, adattare il chiavistello in resina. La costruzione primaria viene fusa con la lega desiderata e successivamente rifinita. Successivamente realizzare una mascherina. Inserire il chiavistello in resina e fissarlo, in posizione di chiusura, con un filo per ganci da 0,9 mm. Rimuovere il perno e mettere in rivestimento il chiavistello in resina e colare.

Dopo la messa in rivestimento adattare il chiavistello e rifinire la proesi. Non saldare o fissare al laser il perno del chiavistello — incollare solamente. La sostituzione del chiavistello viene in tal modo facilitata.

Simboli utilizzati 4,0 x 1,5 x 40 mm 4,5 x 2,2 x 25 mm resina calcinabile titanio grado 2 Numero di lotto 8. Il prodotto deve essere utilizzato solo in base alle indicazioni descritte al punto 2. La durabilidad es ilimitada. Una vez colado ajustar el pasador y terminar el montaje. Se agiliza el posible intercambio del eje. El KS-Pasador se puede ajustar al trabajo individualmente.

Il sera ainsi plus facile de remplacer le verrou. Related documents.


Low vibration, quiet, and low wear

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Operating conditions for energy supply systems cannot be more difficult: Extremely limited installation space, long travel and very high friction coefficients. Furthermore, the filling is extremely difficult. The holding times should also be agreeable with all that, or else high repair costs will accrue. Why the rugged energy chains are technically and economically the first choice in the construction of an extendable heavy load transporter is shown in the following article. Because of the enclosed cargo area, it can also be used as a universal vehicle with a payload of up to 38 tons. Energy supply systems are used in this customized vehicle to ensure the safe rolling of the electrical, brake and hydraulic cables in the inner tubes. It is the tested and proven "E4.


Telescopic crowns in adult case with lip and palate cleft. Update on the etiology and management. Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales y de la Salud. Lip and palatal clefts are among the most important congenital craniofacial malformations to be taken into account in general dental practice, due to their high incidence and important repercussions upon the oral cavity. The underlying causes are genetic and fundamentally environmental, and the disorders manifest as early as in the embryonic period. Males are predominantly affected, with a ratio versus females. Our patient, a year-old male, presented the most common association, i.



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