The serial numbers are: body and lens. Solid, robust and fully-featured, with a fixed mirror and hi-res digital viewfinder, it has the advantage over DSLRs of true WYSIWYG exposure included viewing and freedom from mirror vibration, and its mm f2. Features like the fully-articulating LCD screen and in-finder spirit level are also very useful, and the Sony's in-body IS has definite advantages. Ignore the plethora of features like digital zoom, panoramic modes, multiple DRO options - even DRO bracketing; these work only with. The 12fps rapid-fire capability allowed by the fixed mirror is valuable not only to "action" photographers but with hand-held auto-bracketing, as five exposures take under half a second.

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User Name Remember Me? Contax N1? Anyone using one of these? Been thinking about a "new" SLR and want to get something different from what I've owned before. The N1 seems to be priced reasonably, any "gotchas" to these cameras? You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

The lenses are superb but expensive. On the other hand I think you can still convert them to EF mount. A second hand N1 is probably less expensive than any repair job. Easy to use them on Sony with AF, the lenses are great. My favorite is the Makro. Get the N1, not the NX. If it breaks get another. Oren Grad. Oren Grad is offline. Originally Posted by rbiemer.

RObert Budding. RObert Budding is offline. I owned an N1 for a few years. Excellent camera, but I sold it when Kyocera folded up the camera business because there aren't very many N-mount lenses available.

I'd recommend a CY mount body instead. The RX is manual focus, but it does have focus confirmation. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true. I think he's wrong but he says it in such a sincere way. You have to think he thinks he's right. Originally Posted by Oren Grad. Originally Posted by RObert Budding. Also no longer need autofocus when shooting film, so I sold my N1 set in the classifieds a few months ago. Still have a Contax tho. Archlich is offline.

JChrome is offline. Long of the short of it is - I fell in head over heels love with the Contax G2 45mm lens. So I figured the N1 and 50 1. So I went with an absolute steal - the Nikon F and the Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Find More Posts by JChrome. Freakscene is offline. I am a Yashica era Contax tragic. In cameras I have more than I care to admit.

The private operator Contax repairs UK does good work. The website, however, seems to have expired. All the manual focus Yashica-Contax cameras apart from the Aria have a mirror which is glued into the housing.

It will come loose, slip forward and jam the camera. It is referred to as "Contax mirror slip". The Aria and the N cameras don't do it. The autofocus in the N cameras is slow, hunts a lot and is hardly more useful than manual focus. It won't be of much use photographing a child I do a lot of photos of children. All the C-Y cameras have bright, big viewfinders with focus screens that make manual focus about as easy as it gets.

The AX is amazing in a hugely overengineered way. It is too big and heavy to really be useable. The RTS series have amazing viewfinders and interesting and possibly useful features but are still very big and heavy. The RX and ST are beautiful, incredibly featured and very nice to use.

They are still large-ish and heavy cameras. The Aria is compact, light, nimble and works extremely well without losing the amazing viewfinder. The Zeiss lenses are a mixed bag of amazing, good and ordinary. Check that the lenses you need are available and affordable.

If you need a lens longer than mm look elsewhere. The long APO lenses are stratospherically priced and appear for sale very rarely, and the regular long lenses are ordinary to outright poor performers. The lenses between 15 and mm all have much to recommend them. The 60mm Makros the S is enormous, the C is remarkably light and compact are essentially unbeatable inside 3m but are not very good at infinity.

Find More Posts by Freakscene. I did get a reply to my inquiry of Nippon Photo Clinic about repairability: Quote:. So I wouldn't service one. Just get another if the old one breaks. Kai-san is offline.

I really don't understand this fear of failure on these cameras. The only drawback of the N1 is the proprietary lens mount. And as several here have pointed out, if you should experience a failure you can get a new body reasonably. If you want to eliminate the risk of electronics failure, go for the S2 which has a mechanical shutter. Or, maybe, I will just look for a nice Fuji X And continue to use my Intrepid for film photography. I can buy a decent pile of 4x5 film for the same cost as another SLR and lens.

Kai-san, It's not excatly "fear of failure" on my part. I have a rather large assortment of FSU rangefinder cameras and am happy to take the low piced gamble with those. And, I have spent some money on a few of them to get them well sorted. In my case, because the gamble is more expensive, I may or may not be able to simply replace one.

AND that I really do not like to throw away much "stuff" in general. I will always strongly prefer repair over replacement. In the case of this Contax idea, I'm not really worried about electronic failures more than mechanical failures, just failure in general and so I asked here for folks' real experience instead of deciding based on random intenet "wisdom". While searching for a camera and lens, and thinking about how I will want to use this, I decided that the limited lens choices for the N1 are ok with me.

The seller accepted my offer so, in a week or so, I should have my "new" toy. Rob Quote:. Originally Posted by Kai-san.

Hey Rob, congrats on your N1! I hope you will not be disappointed, its a wonderful camera to shoot. A little tip; you can program the exposure check button on the front to act as the auto exposure lock, that is very convenient in stead of using the main switch.

Camera arrived safely yesterday. I am very happy so far! I did have one concern prior to delivery: I wasn't sure if there would be a battery in the camera or not, it wasn't mentioned one way or the other in the listing. But, I thought, no problem I'll just go get one. Not in my small town anymore.

Radio Shack is long gone but, last time I needed the 2cr5 type battery that this uses, several of our drugstores had them. On Monday when I was looking, none of them did. Added to that was the generally "excellent" response I got on the phone of "did you check on line? But, the camera came with a battery installed and it seems to be new. So, that's good. I've ordered a couple from Amazon. The camera is really nice and the vf is probably the best SLR vf I've ever used. So, I loaded a roll of Fuji , reset the custom functions to default except the beep on focus, I turned that one off for now and am learning the camera with the help of the manual I downloaed from Mr.


Contax N1 Camera

User Name Remember Me? Contax N1? Anyone using one of these? Been thinking about a "new" SLR and want to get something different from what I've owned before.


Contax N1 Film cameras

I simply adore that little symbol. I am multicoated. I am made by Carl Zeiss. I am the best. This is why I was instantly enthralled when I first heard about the Contax N series and its accompanying autofocus Zeiss lenses.

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