This article will show the principles of feeding in the conditioned battlecocks. Feeds are the primarily source of energy and nutrition thus a major contributor of the gamefowl performance. Ultimately this article will guide you how you make and apply your feeds to the amazing pitfighters. On the basic aproach, protein makes and repair the muscle of the gamefowl. And with that muscle developed, results to a battlecock with more power. The feed must have a crude protein of 17 to 19 percent for the properly preconned gamecocks.

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Feeds and supplement 2. Mental conditioning 3. Scratching for 10 minutes for 2 months 2. Sparring 3 x a week for 2 months long released approximately 3 meters short released approximately 1 meter 3. Inner moisture hackle feathers fly away, Stretch, scales not shinny, cheeks- oily and puffy, droppings 2.

Environmental moisture Hygrometer, Thermometer Feeding time should be consistent on the schedule for example am and pm daily Cel no: Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Gamefowl Conditioning Lecture by Sonny Magtibay. Uploaded by Sherwin Camba. For all gamefowl enthusiasts, the following procedures would not guarantee winning, but it optimizes the performance of your chickens. Enjoy reading! Date uploaded Sep 25, Did you find this document useful?

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Conditioning Feeds and Feeding

Without doubt, with the kind of evolution gamefowl breeding has undergone in the Philippines, the aspect of gamefowl conditioning has assumed a much greater role in the outcome of the match. Whereas, some time ago it was rather breeding or quality of the gamefowl that almost always told the difference between winning and losing, now, the situation could be a different story. In the s when the American gamefowl, then called Texas by Filipinos, started coming in from the US, they were so dominating that they virtually wiped our native fighting chickens—the Bisaya or Tagalog, Balulang or Batangas, the Bolinaos and the rest—out from the face of the earth. A couple of decades later, the Negros breeders, most of whom were rich hacienderos and as such had access to expensive breeds from the US, took over and dominated the cocking scene.


Gamefowl Conditioning Lecture by Sonny Magtibay


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