Embed Size px x x x x Es un suplemento alimenticio diseado para bloquear la digestin de Carbohidratos evitando que las caloras de estos estn disponibles. Bloquea cal de carbohidratos por tableta. En una base de concentrado de:Perejil rico en fitoqumicosCules son sus ingredientes? Hay dos tipos de Carbohidratos: Complejos cadenas largas Simples cadenas cortas.

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Customer Service currently has limited services and is unable to take phone orders or process customer sales receipts. All orders must be placed online. The site is unable to respond.

Please check your Minimum Browser Requirements. If you continue to see this message, please contact Customer Service. May help prevent up to calories from being absorbed when taken with a high-carbohydrate meal.

Pregnant or lactating women, or anyone with a medical condition, including diabetes and hypoglycemia, should consult with a physician before using this product.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. By selecting cancel, the new IBO must complete the rest of the registration process, including payment.

You will not be able to return to the payment option. The Usage Calculator helps you determine how much of a product your household will consume over time so you can order what you need, when you need it. Skip to main content. Item : Zoom in Zoom out Reset. Shop Amway US for a wide selection of high quality products today. How Much Do I Need? In Stock. Added to your shopping cart. Add to cart. Add to Shopping List.

Product details. Made from fermented soy and white kidney bean extracts. Use instructions. Take one to three tablets with a carbohydrate-containing meal. Do not exceed 9 tablets per day. The system is unable to load the contents of this page. If you continue to see this error, please contact Customer Service Logout Cancel. Do you really want to cancel your registration?

No Yes. The new IBO will receive an email with a link to complete the process. Yes Cancel. Ready to become an Amway Independent Business Owner? Register now to take the next steps on a path filled with possibilities. This product item already exists in the list. Try to scan another product instance. ES:Ok, got it. New list name. Create list. Recommended Use:. Frequency of use. Frequency of Use, Time s per Period Quantity.

Time s per. Calculate usage. Your Purchase Quantity: 1 per year.


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