The certification is an expert-level certification that ensures that you gain knowledge and experience in collaboration solutions integration and interoperation, configuration, and troubleshooting in complex networks and the challenges of video, mobility, and presence as the foundation for workplace collaboration solutions. Our expertise in providing voice, video, IM, presence, and call center solutions and training will prepare you to deploy collaboration systems and services that increase user productivity improve the experience for you customers and are adaptable and provide a seamless user experience. There are no formal prerequisites for CCIE certification. Other professional certifications or training courses are not required. Instead, candidates must first pass a written qualification exam and then the corresponding hands-on lab exam. You are expected to have an in-depth understanding of the topics on the exams and strongly encouraged to have three to five years of job experience before attempting certification.

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The CCIE Voice written exam consists of multiple choice questions, covering a wide range of topics. Preparation for the exam will consist, to a very large extent, of reading. The amount of reading will depend, of course, on your level of knowledge and expertise in each of areas covered by the exam.

But before taking a closer look at preparation resources, first take a look at the exam blueprint. Once you have assessed yourself against the main objectives, you can decide in which order you want to tackle them when preparing for the exam.

You may decide to approach the blueprint in a top-down fashion — just start with CallManager, and run through the objectives one-by-one. Or you may decide to fill in the gaps with subjects where are stronger before tackling those subjects where you are weaker. Or you may even decide to tackle the toughest subjects first, while enthusiasm is highest! But console yourself with the fact that reading through all of the resources necessary to pass the written exam will give you a great platform to go for the lab exam.

You may find it useful to briefly record in a journal what exam preparation you do every day. Other documents referenced in this blog post can easily be found by searching for them on the Cisco website. Having read the book and documents and understood and remembered them! Next on the blueprint is Quality of Service QoS. If you come from a routing and switching background, this one of the few areas where you may be able to leverage existing knowledge.

Alternatively, you can read it online at the Safari website. So, you can probably save some valuable time by reading only the chapters of these two books that cover subjects shown in the blueprint.

Next is Unity. Useful information on SRST can be found here. So, a little more digging around for good information is required.

This is good, but it will almost certainly not be enough to bring you up to the level of knowledge required for the exam. So, you have stepped through all the study resources mentioned above, and you are almost ready to book the exam. This will help you to quickly fill in any gaps in your knowledge, and also give you a good idea of the level of knowledge that you are going to need in order to pass the exam.

Before finishing it is worth mentioning time management for the exam. If you have a problem with a question, mark it and go back to it at the end. Here are the latest Insider stories. More Insider Sign Out. Sign In Register. Sign Out Sign In Register. Latest Insider. Check out the latest Insider stories here.

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Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) (Authorized Self-Study Guide), 3rd Edition

Add To My Wish List. Register your product to gain access to bonus material or receive a coupon. This book provides you with the knowledge and skills required to plan, design, and deploy a Cisco voice-over-IP VoIP network and to integrate gateways and gatekeepers into an enterprise VoIP network. By reading this book, you will gain a thorough understanding of converged voice and data networks and also the challenges you will face implementing various network technologies.


How to pass the CCIE Voice written exam


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