Clean label Manufacturers will not only have a clean label, non-GM lecithin, but one that matches soy lecithin in functionality, taste and color. Topcithin SF can also replace synthetically produced emulsifiers, such as ammonium phosphatide and citric acid esters of mono and di-glycerides, without compromising on performance, taste or appearance. Respecting nature For European manufacturers looking to reduce import miles, the sunflowers for Topcithin SF are only grown in Europe. The sunflower hulls are then used in the Donetsk facility to produce steam and energy to run the plant. Purification and standardization takes place at the Vigonza plant in Italy.

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Eating trans-fat raises the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood, which can increase the risk of developing heart disease, said Lutz. Cargill claims its unmodified soy lecithin products replicate the functionality of monoglycerides and DATEM in a cost-effective manner. Cargill said it had a number of domestic and international customers in different stages of validating and commercializing the soy lecithin.

Cargill has also found its premium sunflower lecithin can perform a similar — and allergen free — role as soy lecithin. Show more. Free newsletter Subscribe Sign up to our free newsletter and get the latest news sent direct to your inbox. Clean label and health benefits The soy lecithin also taps the consumer trend for shorter ingredient lists, said Cargill.

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Cargill Texturizing offers choice in lecithin quality



Boost to sunflower lecithin use expected with Cargill entry


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