Quick Links. Table of Contents. Quick Setup Guide. Before you can use the machine, read this Quick Setup Guide for the correct setup and installation. Plastic bags are used in the packaging of your machine.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Quick Setup Guide. Before you can use the machine, read this Quick Setup Guide for the correct setup and installation. Plastic bags are used in the packaging of your machine.

To avoid danger of suffocation, please keep. Remove the protective tape and film covering the scanner glass. You need to purchase the correct interface cable for the interface you want to use for USB or network. Please make sure you use a USB 2. Warnings tell you what to do to prevent possible personal injury. Servidor de impresion en placa ethernet multiprotocolo multifuncion y servidor de impresion multifuncion ethernet inalambrico ieee Multi-protocol on-board ethernet multi-function print server and wireless ieee Note When you use Legal, A3 or Ledger size paper, press and hold the universal guide release button as you slide out the front of paper tray 1.

Page 3 Close the paper tray cover a. Slowly push the paper tray completely into the machine. While holding the paper tray in place, pull out the paper support until it clicks, and then unfold the paper support flap b. Connect the power cord. Connect the telephone line cord. Connect one end of the telephone line cord to the jack on the machine marked LINE and the other end to a modular wall jack.

Make sure that the power is turned on. If you do so, it may Check the quality of the four color blocks the sheet. If you have Voice Mail on the same telephone line as your Brother machine, there is a strong possibility that Voice Mail and the Brother machine will conflict with each other when receiving incoming calls.

See Voice Mail in Chapter 7 of the User's Guide for instructions on setting up your machine using this service.

Press Menu. Press a or b to choose General Setup. Press OK. Press a or b to choose LCD Settings. Press a or b to choose LCD Contrast. Press a or b to choose Initial Setup. Press a or b to choose Station ID. If you have Pulse dialing service rotary , you need to change the dialing mode.

Fill out the Product Registration and Test Sheet. Page Before You Install If the model name screen appears, choose your machine. If the language screen appears, choose your language. Page 15 Agreement. Windows Choose Local Connection, and then click Next. Lift the scanner cover into the open position. The installation is now Finish complete. Page 18 X Page 19 Please wait, it will take a few seconds for the software to install.

After the installation, click Restart to finish installing the software. The Brother software will search for the Brother device. During this time the following screen will appear. Page 20 Presto! PageManager Double-click the Presto!

PageManager icon and follow the on-screen instructions. Page 22 Wired Network Carefully route the network cable through the trench and out the back of the machine. Then, connect the cable to your network. Page 23 If the model name screen appears, choose your machine. Enter an IP address for your machine that is suitable for your network by following the on-screen instructions. The installation of the Brother drivers will automatically start.

The installation screens appear one after another. Page 25 2 network computers. Page 26 Mac OS X Page 27 Please wait, it will take a few seconds for the software to install. This window will not appear if there is only one machine connected on the network, it will be chosen automatically. Go to e. Page 29 Presto! Although the Brother MFCCW can be used in a both wired and wireless network, only one of the connection methods can be used at a time. Page 31 For Wireless Network Users Confirm your network environment Infrastructure Mode The following instructions will offer two methods for installing your Brother machine in a wireless network environment.

Both methods are for infrastructure mode, using a wireless router or access point that uses DHCP to assign IP addresses. For more information, see Entering Text for Wireless Settings on page Press OK when you have entered all the characters, then press 1 for Yes to apply your settings. The range may differ depending on your environment. Page Wireless Network If the model name screen appears, choose your machine. Page 37 Agreement.

Page 38 If you encounter this failure, please go to step 16 on page 31 and setup the wireless connection again. Page 39 2 network computers. Go to f. PageManager capability is added to Brother ControlCenter2.

FaceFilter Studio also lets you edit your photo data and add photo effects such as red eye reduction or skin tone enhancement. The BookScan Enhancer software can correct your scanned book images automatically.

The Whiteboard Enhancer software cleans up and enhances text and images from photos taken of your whiteboard. It also can search for Brother products on your network, view the status and configure basic network settings, such as IP address. Make sure the machine is not operating, then disconnect all the cables from the machine except the power cord. Page Replacement Consumables The contents of this manual and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

Brother reserves the right to make changes without notice in the specifications and materials contained herein and shall not be responsible for any damages including consequential caused by reliance on the materials presented, including but not limited to typographical and other errors relating to the publication. This manual is also suitable for: Mfccw. Print page 1 Print document 48 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.

Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Brother MFC-6490CW All in One Printer User Manual

Download and view the document in PDF format. Contact Us Product Registration. The HTML manual is a version of the user guide that you can view using your web browser. Related documents such as the network and software user guides may be included in the HTML manual. Please note that the availability of documents varies depending on the model number of the machine you are using.


Brother MFC-6490CW User Manual



Brother MFC-6490CW User Manual Download (PDF Format)


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