The heydays of Big Band Orchestras were in the late thirties and forties, which is to say it predates the invention of the electric guitar by a decade. Therefore, when Gretsch guitars virtuoso Brian Setzer who had already brought rockabilly back in fashion in the eighties with the Stray Cats created his Orchestra, he invented a mixture of full-blown brass band and rockabilly trio. Twenty years after its debut album, the BSO is still one of the hottest show around. NEW : Subscribe to full access! Click the button below for more information. Notice: To view, play, and print the tabs, you need to download the latest version of Guitar Pro.

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Log in or Sign up. Gretsch-Talk Forum. The Marlin , May 29, CatTones likes this. Age: 54 10, I have the video it's on his hot licks video.

I would like to get the tabs. I have the dvd. It used to be on youtube but has since been removed. I also have the Legendary Licks book for Brian Setzer which has another version of Sleepwalk which I don't like as much as the Hot Licks version your version. I'd love to have your tab. Would love to see your tab for it. This book is complex for me anyways.

I haven't learned past the intro. DaddyDog , May 29, Willie D likes this. Yes, that's the one. I just did a search for Hot Licks Sleepwalk, but again, turned up nothing. Anyway, here are the tabs. If some of it is difficult to read, let me know, and i'll confirm any uncertainty. Sorry about the smudgy page three. Not sure what happened there. Cheers Marlin.

Marlin - U R awesome! Thank you! I don't know how to get them into pdf format I've tried my best to darken the text, as I said, it's all written in pencil, and looks quite light in the scans.

Right click on the image, and open in a new page. You should be able to zoom in more, and see the text more clearly. It's embarrassing, as I've been threatening to post the tabs for over a year now. Who would want to play Sleepwalk with Setzer's arrangement and sound like him anyway??

Marlin - Here's your tab with darkened text and in pdf form. Thanks again. I'll let you know how I get on with it. I love Sleepwalk — I bought the original by Santo and Johnny on a blue label Pye 45 in the UK when it first came out , so it just shows how old I am! Brian Setzer and Danny Gatton, two of my favourite guitar players have done memorable versions of this tune — but the Santo and Johnny original is the one that I always listen to.

Maybe it's the sound of the pedal steel, maybe just the vintage sound of the recording — but mainly I think it's because they just play the damn tune and don't feel the need to embellish it with blasts of hotshot runs every few bars. After all, it is called Sleepwalk. Incidentally, Arlen Roth does a good version of Sleepwalk, with a fine demonstration of volume swells. Of course anyone can play any tune they like in any way they like, and good luck to them.

I really enjoy Gatton and Setzer when they're flying, but I like my Sleepwalk pure and simple. Dennison , May 29, The original to me, is a perfect masterpiece and cannot be improved on. Everyone else's version, besides Jeff beck, gets overdone for my taste. I think Mr Beck nails the subtleties as well as the power of the song.

I think one of the beautiful things about the song is that it is so easily adapted and transfigured into new forms. That's what makes it a standard. I figured it out myself and enjoy playing it. I'm ashamed to say I'd never really "listened" to the song, never payed it any attention.

After reading this and watching the different videos hear, I will be dedicating my evening to mastering it! I love it! Thanks for the posts everybody! JimmyB , May 29, Concr3t3 , May 12, Dennison , May 12, Age: 51 14, This is my own simplified version, I have no idea how the original is played, but this is what I came up with Yes LivingMyDream , stevemorrison and panhead6zero like this. Larry, that is a great version. Excellent tone off the Boxcar. Willie D , May 12, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Brian Setzer Guitar Tab Books, Instruction DVDs, Solos, Licks, Arrangements, Video Lessons

Log in or Sign up. Gretsch-Talk Forum. The Marlin , May 29, CatTones likes this. Age: 54 10,


Brian Setzer Sleepwalk Tab



Brian Setzer Sleepwalk Tab



Brian Setzer - Sleepwalk Chords


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