Black Book , also known as Black Book Market Research , is a Tampa, Florida technology and services market research and opinion research company. The company provides competitive intelligence, market research, opinion mining, and related consulting services for brand, product, and service awareness tracking. Black Book Research was founded in by Doug Brown as a sister company to the international market-research firm Brown-Wilson Group. In November , Black Book Research launched Black Book Rankings , a healthcare-centric market-research and public-opinion-research company.

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Appearing in the report again this year is a compilation of the Top Outsourcing Vendors, as well as Outsourcing Advisor and consultant organizations that excelled at providing value and process transformation to the global business community.

Notably all five are boosting their American service operations. One interesting change was the scorecard plummets of Indian suppliers that have not responded adequately to the demand of American and European clients who want their front office operations nearby or onshore with their backoffice savings from less expensive offshore locations including India.

For a second consecutive year the intensely-watched Chinese outsourcing firms did not earn any of the coveted Black Book positions; however, Latin American emerging client favorites 24 CPM Braxis and 26 Neoris pushed far onto the list. Destination preferences and outlooks also shifted in as South Africa, once thought to be the next big hot spot for offshoring, receiving very low satisfaction and forward-looking interest.

Growing offshore attention now shines on Brazil, Chile and Eastern Europe. Most all outsourcing services to China are still in a holding pattern for the far majority of current outsourcing clients. The Black Book methodology employs an online survey instrument conducted over eight weeks each year. Hundreds of thousands of invitations are distributed and survey respondents were given an "open-text" opportunity to identify client experiences in eighteen Black Book key performance indicators that had the most influence on their business performance over the course of the past year.

Clients weighted indicators on trust, reliability, and customer relationships as those most influencing their vendor selection decisions in Looking ahead, deep vertical expertise and customization were determined to be the next big outsourcing vendor requirement to attain to maintain and grow customer satisfaction in Wilson brown-wilson. Log In Sign Up. Business Process Outsourcing Vendor - Genpact.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Vendor - Integreon. Independent Outsourcing Research - Everest Group. Outsourcing Benchmarking Advisor - Gartner.

Globalization Advisor - McKinsey.


Black Book (company)

You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Would you like to change to the site? Douglas Brown , Scott Wilson. Outsourcing and research gurus Douglas Brown and Scott Wilson chart a course of advice for business leaders charged with managing sourcing initiatives, present a wealth of opportunities for job seekers, and offer insights for entrepreneurial thinkers and investors worldwide.


The Black Book of Outsourcing: How to Manage the Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities




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