Just fill the email you used upon registering, and we'll send you a link to your inbox to reset your password. The demise of Bruce Charles "Bill" Mollison, aged 88, in Hobart, Tasmania, on Saturday is nothing short of the end of an era for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. An author, scientist, teacher, and one of the most influential ecological pioneers, Bill Mollison transformed our lives by his philosophy and writing after he founded the Permaculture Institute in It is here that he encountered the phenomenon of plants coming together in mutually-beneficial groups. Upon which he incorporated this philosophy to agriculture and community design where individuals used the correct elements for their own sustainability and support for one another. His ideology was simple—understanding and adapting a practical design of sustainable soil, water, and plant along with legal and economic systems to the world.

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He began teaching at the University of Tasmania in where he met David Holmgren. He received the Right Livelihood Award in David Holmgren was born in Fremantle, Western Australia in Holmgren started writing a thesis on sustainable agriculture and, with additions from Mollison, this text became the legendary book Permaculture One, published in Holmgren has gone on to establish his own permaculture settlement at Melliodora and the larger eco-village of Fryers Forest.

He works as a permaculture consultant, author and trainer. I just pray that we lose that war. The archetypal permaculture set up resembles a small holding arranged in concentric rings, or zones. The dwelling at the centre of the system is surrounded by the crops and animals requiring most attention with more self sufficient systems in the outer zones. This simple ring system is distorted by radial sectors that reflect natural conditions, such as wind, sun, fire, water and slope. Each element in the design ideally provides at least two functions eg fodder and nitrogen fixing and each function should be provided by at least two elements for resilience.

It is not clear how close the two men were or are. It also appears that they see permaculture from quite different perspectives. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Mollison talks of permaculture being like aikido, working with the natural systems and turning adversity into strength, unlike conventional agriculture which he likens to karate, trying to kick and punch nature.

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Bill Mollison

Bruce Charles " Bill " Mollison 4 May — 24 September was an Australian researcher, author, scientist, teacher and biologist. In , he was awarded the Right Livelihood Award "for developing and promoting the theory and practice of permaculture ". Permaculture a portmanteau of "permanent agriculture" [2] is an integrated system of ecological and environmental design which Mollison co-developed with David Holmgren , and which they together envisioned as a perennial and sustainable form of agriculture. In , Mollison began his collaboration with Holmgren, and in they published their book Permaculture One , which introduced this design system to the general public. Mollison founded The Permaculture Institute in Tasmania, and created the education system to train others under the umbrella of permaculture. In he was awarded with the Right Livelihood Award also known as "Alternative Nobelprize" for his accomplishments in the field of permaculture. He is survived by his fifth wife Lisa, four daughters, and two sons.


Permaculture Society of the Philippines

In , ABC Organic Gardener magazine editor, Steve Payne, and Russ Grayson were approached by New Internationalist magazine to write a brief history of the permaculture design system, with particular focus on its formative years. An edited version of their article appeared in the magazine. This is the article supplied to New Internationalist…. There, it starts with two men — a teacher and student. Bill Mollison was born in in the small fishing village of Stanley, on the Bass Strait coast of cool-temperate Tasmania.

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