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Look at the same kinds of things everyone else does but with better understanding. Then do the job of explaining it better than anyone else. The guitar, as tuned, is unlike any other instrument ever invented. Fretboard Logic is the first ever method to recognize this and teaches from a unique guitar-oriented perspective.

It presents the essential characteristics of the fretboard as the first step toward learning without guesswork or rote memorization. Volume I focuses on the hidden pattern organization of the fretboard that results from the guitar's unique tuning. The intervallic structure created by the tuning is unlike any other instrument and creates three specific pattern types which are integral to one another and have been termed Chord Forms, Scale Forms and Lead Patterns, in order to distinguish them from their related musical terms.

There are five basic chord forms, five basic scale forms and two basic lead patterns which are completely independent of any music concepts and solely the result of an ingenious pitch selection by an unknown and unsung inventor.

Since every other aspect of guitar playing, such as theory, technique, and style, must be expressed through this fretboard interface, no other single area of education can be more fundamental to a guitar player's development. Originally entitled "The CAGED System," Fretboard Logic presents all the aspects of the fretboard pattern organization as a unified "operating system" for guitar players regardless of stylistic preferences, technical considerations or guitar type.

Armed with an understanding of the fretboard from Volume I, you will now explore the next area common to all styles of music and all types of guitars: the primary tone groups. Fretboard Logic is the first method ever developed which teaches the tonal elements of music in a way that eliminates guesswork and rote memorization.

By combining the basic fretboard forms of Volume I with each tone group's unique formula, the guitarist learns to build all the different types of chords, scales and arpeggios. With Fretboard Logic you are not forced to memorize thousands of patterns or stuck trying to guess which string to look for which note on as with ordinary methods and academic approaches. This takes years off the learning curve.

Tone groups can only be expressed two ways in time: simultaneously or consecutively. This produces not two but three fundamentally different types of primary tone groups: Chords, or notes played all at once, scales, or notes played one after another, and arpeggios, a hybrid whereby chords are played like scales. Volume II eliminates the problem of learning all the tone groups by either rote memorization or guesswork by instead, teaching them in the context of the guitar's fretboard pattern organization outlined in Volume I.

The applications section of Fretboard Logic is where it all comes together. Now you will approach the music of your own choosing from both a creative and analytical perspective. As musicians, we are all on what could be termed an "experiential spectrum.

On the other, we try to develop our own musical ideas. What is interesting is that both require much the same tools materials and methods, but each must be approached differently. Different composers use different component materials and thought processes to achieve their results. So when analyzing another person's music, we will examine the basic elements and how they work together to achieve the net result. Similarly, when developing our own ideas, the goal is to create interest and define a style.

By using a process of creative selection from the available resources, in other words, drawing from a menu of options, we can produce music in the style of our own choosing according to our own particular skills and preferences. This unique approach to learning continues the Fretboard Logic tradition of looking at things differently on a fundamental level in order to achieve a better understanding and a greater range of abilities. While the bindings of Volumes I and II will allow the pages to lie flat on a music stand or table, the overall appearance is somewhat less than ideal and they don't hold up over time as well as a perfect-bound book.

Libraries, bookstores and many music stores also require printing on the spine for inventory control. The result is our bestselling Special Edition book. Bass Logic presents the same approach for bass players which made Fretboard Logic a 1 bestseller for guitar players.

Our unique approach to playing bass is modeled after the world renown Fretboard Logic guitar method. Bass Logic lets you learn what you want, when you want it. It does not dictate what style of music you should play or what type of instrument upon which you should play it. Bass Logic's non-linear structure makes it possible for bassists to study the things which are most relevant to them now instead of having to work through tedius and boring exercises to get to the good stuff.

You'll study at your own pace those things which will serve to either amplify your strengths, or minimize your weaknesses.

Whether you are a pick style player or a finger style player, Bass Logic will work for you. You'll learn the fretboard, the tone groups, keys, intervals, notation formats, articulation techniques and much more. Whether it is a new technique or a new way or thinking, Bass Logic gives you a lot of choices for how to use the material once it has been learned. Bass Logic will apply to any style of music and any level player. It does not dictate or even endorse any particular technique or type of instrument.

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you'll find material you can use in the practice hall, the studio or on stage - right now. The easygoing, no-nonsense writing style helps you tackle even difficult subjects that may have held you back before. In the study pieces, the structure is to start out with very easy doable rhythms, leads and instrumentals. As the piece progresses, materials are added to both challenge the student and improve the quality of the part.

Each transcription includes both guitar tablature and standard notation. Supplements to DVD I 2. If you can already read music, you'll have the complete specifications for each and every part.

And if you can't read yet, you will get a very soft introduction to that skill, which will help you in other areas of your musical development. Also, you still get the tabs to show you where and how each note is played on the fretboard.

We all learn better when we are having fun. The Watch Me Play series was designed to be easy enough for a parent or family member to join in and learn right along with the little ones, which in the comfort of home, creates a comfortable learning environment. The series introduces young children to music by engaging them in familiar and enjoyable activities that include music.

Hidden pictures, connect-the-dots, name the parts, and fill in the blanks are just the start. WMPG is structured along the lines of modern learning theory, which proves that new material becomes retained faster if it is reviewed in a timely manner. As each page is completed, the following page immediately reviews what what was learned, making retaining the lessons faster, easier and more fun. As the child progresses, the challenges transition to doing everything with music. Towards the end they are reading, writing and playing music with a strong foundation in the guitar.

Each book includes a certificate of completion at the end which is suitable for framing or at least the refrigerator!

Hidden pictures, connect the dots, name the parts, and fill in the blanks are just the start. WMPP is structured along the lines of modern learning theory, which proves that new material becomes retained faster if it is reviewed in a timely manner.

Towards the end they are reading, writing and playing music with a strong foundation in the piano. Each book includes a certificate of completion at the end which is suitable for framing or at least stuck up on the refrigerator! Premium writing paper for creative guitarists who write their own songs and instrumentals. Includes Tab, Notation and Chord Charts.

Comes in tear-out sheets. Premium writing paper for creative pianists who write their own songs and instrumentals. After the unprecedented customer response to the Special Edition discount combo, we decided to do it again with our videos. The first two Fretboard Logic videos are combined onto a single DVD disc with special discount pricing and user requested features. In addition to the technological advantages of the format such as improved picture quality, we've added new features to the latest edition of our DVD.

The main menu gives you quick access to Parts I and II and individual chapter stops let you focus on any particular area at the touch of a button. So whether you're just learning your way around the fretboard or making up blistering leads to our jam tracks, you'll find this DVD both stimulating and educational.

A massive overhaul to the original Video I and II. This upgrade adds roughly ten times the musical, visual and educational content as before, as well as technological and educational improvements such as better menus, interactivity and staged progression. Each subject area gets demonstrated in various styles on different kinds of guitars and starts with beginner level difficulty which then increases in complexity as you progress.

This makes each piece - whether it is Heavy Metal or Classical, Blues or Country, Soft Rock or Hard - doable, challenging and a great learning experience. This DVD also represents a change from each video following each book in series, to each video drawing from all three but with a focus on increasing the abilities of each player so that others will notice the difference.

Complete transcriptions with both tab and notation are available to view online by DVDaccess link and also available in book form from our Catalog See Supplements to DVD 2. The supplemental material includes dual format transcriptions, citations, lyrics and charts. This value-added package comes shrink-wrapped with a backing board. You are getting four parts of the Fretboard Logic method. The advantages of the DVD format are well known by now, but when it comes to educational applications, little things like menus, navigation buttons, endless looping, and chapter stops get amplified, making the job of learning faster, easier and lots more fun.

This new package combines two discounts into double savings and includes two books and one huge video. The video portion of the series has changed from following the books individually, to drawing from each according to the subject matter as needed. You are essentially getting the first half of the 6-part Fretboard Logic method. You are getting five parts of the Fretboard Logic method. This is our bestselling discount package. Volume III begins the all-important Applications section and the combined DVDs contain nearly 7 hours of instructions with modern features, all different kinds of music and different guitars to make learning fun.

This represents our biggest and best discount package. I have only been playing for 1 year, and every book I tried to learn from just confused me so much I just gave up.

I really appreciate people like you who try to make learning reasonable and understandable by connecting all the dots to remove the mystery. Thank you so much!! In 2 weeks I have a better understanding of the guitar than in the 2 months I spent paying this 'joker. It rules over anything else out there claiming to teach guitar.

I've been fiddling with guitar my whole life in between playing drums which is now my profession. I play guitar and bass on my own recordings and I always find it tricky to find something that I like that's repeatable Always a bit hit and miss. I always found the guitar fretboard a bit of a mystery and although I was able to get by, after a few hours with your Fretboard Logic series, I feel I fully grasp the setup and placement of the notes on the fretboard.


Fretboard Logic SE : Volumes I & II Combined



Bill Edwards Publishing Complete Fretboard Logic Box Set




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