Given the unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan, there may be more reticence about moving to Asia in future. And yet, radiation-inspired caution may be overdone: Singapore is more than 5, kilometres from Tokyo; Hong Kong is nearly 2, Radiation exposure in both places is likely to be minimal. So, if you want to move to Asia ex-Japan, who should you be sending your CV to?

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Get access to all our content — subscribe today 30 day free trial. Which banks in each market have excelled across a range of core banking activities over the past 12 months? The 30th annual Asiamoney Brokers Poll invited chief investment officers, fund managers and investment analysts to take part. The Chinese asset-backed securities market saw a boom in , marked by relentless innovation and cutthroat competition.

The trade war is alarming companies across the region but these Asian corporates, favoured by investors and analysts, continue to excel. What can a deep dive into the league tables tell us about the competitive landscape in Asian investment banking? Through 30 years of Asiamoney surveys and awards, which Asian companies have stood the test of time?

We've tallied the results across three decades, and here are the Asian brokerages who lead for the long term.

The inaugural Asiamoney China Gold Awards seek to recognise Chinese banks that have excelled in serving corporate and retail clients in the gold market.

The renminbi's internationalisation may have taken a back seat for now, but its importance continues to rise among global corporations. Senior institutional investors from around the world assess their sell-side banks and brokerage firms for Asian equities.

How do China's private banks handle the increasing amount of wealth that is generated outside the country? In a challenging market, some have been nimble in transforming themselves in to winners, often through good use of technology. The 29th annual Asiamoney Brokers Poll invited chief investment officers, fund managers and investment analysts to take part.

The Asia's Outstanding Companies Poll is designed to acknowledge the listed companies that have excelled in areas such as financial performance, management team excellence, IR activities and CSR initiatives.

Emerging markets have experienced bouts of extreme volatility this year, prompted as much by rising rates in the US as by any domestic problems.

The financial connection between the countries of the Middle East and the trading nations of Asia becomes ever closer and more active.

The 28th annual Asiamoney Brokers Poll invited chief investment officers, fund managers and investment analysts to take part. We asked corporate treasury officials across Asia to rank their banking partners for quality of execution capabilities and quality of relationship in six key business areas: capital markets, cash management, credit, rates, foreign exchange and trade finance, creating a total of 12 categories in each market covered.

Through the internationalization of the renminbi, capital markets activity, mergers and acquisitions and the funding of some remarkable projects, the Belt and Road Initiative BRI has taken root in financial markets. As domestic markets grow, and corporates and investors take a more regional approach to their business, the role of securities houses in Southeast Asia becomes ever more important. Independent wealth management firms have sprung up in China in recent years to serve the fast-expanding wealthy population.

We use Cookies. If you're happy with cookies, continue browsing. Asiamoney Surveys and awards. March 31, December 27, September 25, Market conditions have been testing for Asia's securities houses. August 26, June 28, View the results of the Asiamoney best transaction banks in China awards here. Which banks and other service providers continue to lead the charge in China green finance? As the wealth management industry deepens, here are the firms that stand out.

June 06, March 25, January 09, December 28, December 21, September 18, View the results of the Asiamoney China corporate and investment banking awards here. June 27, June 25, View the results of the Asiamoney awards for green finance in China here.

March 26, January 01, December 31, December 19, December 11, December 06, September 26, July 02, June 19, April 04,


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