View printer-friendly version. A sister site to Lemon Made in Sweden by Kim Lemon Go to Advanced Search. In order to avoid destruction of the program by a virus you should switch off your computer and all equipment connected to it separate disc drive, monitor etc. Only in this way can you be certain that no virus is alive in the computer's memory.

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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. In order to avoid destruction of the program by a virus you should switch off your computer and all equipment connected to it separate disc drive, monitor etc. Only in this way can you be certain that no virus is alive in the computer's memory.

Thalion Software GmbH cannot accept any claims under the warranty if any part of the program or program data has been destroyed or affected by a virus, a virus protector or other tools. The game also includes a map, a novel and a table of runes. You will find the last three items at various locations when you play the game.

Leave them alone for now and only look at the card, the novel and the ta- ble of runes when you actually discover them during your adventures. You must not use the original discs to play the game, whether you are us- ing an Atari ST or a Commodore Amiga. This is because data in the pro- gram is modified during the game. The program will load and start automatically. Under the party ID identification at the right you will see a poster of your hero. Below it is the icon panel and to the left of it is a panel for entering the characteristics of the person in- volved.

You can set up these characteristics and some details of the poster with this character editor. The numeric keypad corresponds to the layout of the keys in the icon panel: nn Characteristics are set by chance by using the dice. You can click on this icon as often as you wish. This makes the character female. This makes the character male. S] Give your hero a name which can consist of up to 15 characters. Only click on this icon when all the data is just how you want it.

When you have exited from the character editor you cannot return to it during a game even if you start the program again after saving your inter- mediate situation.

You control the game with the mouse or the numeric keypad on the keyboard. The numeric keys [1] to [9] correspond to the functions of the monitor panel which can also be selected with the mouse.

The name of the person appears below the picture. If the name is displayed in bright letters, the person is active. The lefthand bar indicates the number of life points remaining and the righthand bar indicates the magic spell points, i.

Special conditions for the person are shown above the two bars, such as for example illness, madness or blindness. The active person can be changed with the LMB. All characters whose condition makes activity impossible cannot be selected.

Click on the picture of the character required. The keys [1] to [6] on the numeric keypad also execute this function. Whenever the party ID is accessible with the mouse pointer the first status page of the character can be called with the RMB. The function keys [Fl] to [F6] call the second page of the relevant character. These items can be bought or found by the party during the adventure.

Temporary magic spells are shown as symbols on the magic spell display panel. Select one of the icons with the LMB. The keys [1] to [9] on the numeric keypad always correspond to the nine icons on the panel. All icons which cannot operate in the current situation or which cannot be used by the active character are shown with bright shading and cannot be selected. Unless they are general functions, these only apply to the active character.

The layout of the numeric keys corresponds to the nine icons. On the screen the cursor always takes on the shape of the action selected.

The functions are as follows from bottom left key [1] to top right key [9] : - Map drawer [1] - Map. Only active in the 3-D mode. Automatically draws a map of the labyrinth where the party is located. This allows you to change the members of your party for the next round of the battle Options [3] - Disc. With the SAVE function you can also dismiss members from your party. The active character enters or leaves a means of transport, for example a boat or a horse.

Magic spells [5] - Stars. If the active character has enough magic spell points, you can compose a magic spell. Camping [6] - Tent. Only outside villages and towns. Your party makes camp for the night. The active character reads a sign, sees something or searches in something, and the result depends upon his abilities. On the 3-D display this feature always operates in the direction as seen by the party.

On the 2-D display the cursor can be set to a panel around the figure. Listening [8] - Ear. The active character listens and the result again depends upon his abilities.

Speaking [9] - Mouth. The active figure speaks to another character. On the 3-D display the figure is spoken to in the same panel. On the 2-D display the cursor can be placed within a radius of two panels around the figure involved. In a labyrinth the display changes from a 2-dimensional top view to a 3-dimensional view as seen by the party.

The function selected from the function panel is shown by the cursor in the graphics window. The directions can always be selected directly in the graphics window, even if the action panel is active.

The cursor therefore also represents the active direction here but you do not need to first click on the function in the movement panel. Below the party ID you will see at the right the poster of the character selected. Below that is the icon panel and to the left is a panel showing the characteristics of the person involved.

Poster: The poster gives the race, sex, age, class and name of the person and details of their number of experience, life, magic spell and spell learning points.

It also includes information about the amount of gold, the number of rations, the combat value and the defence performance capability involved. Characteristics: This panel shows the attributes and abilities of the person involved. The value at the left always gives the current status of the character; the right gives the normal maximum value, not the value assisted by magic. The righthand column gives you information about the languages the person can speak and a report on his physical and mental condition blindness, illness etc.

Two icons are active in the icon panel. Below the party ID you now see at the right the well-known poster and a new icon panel. To the left of that there is a text panel showing all the actions you select in the icon panel, information about the equipment being carried at the left and the contents of the rucksack at the centre. Below the display for the equipment which the character is carrying is a display showing how heavy this equipment and luggage is and the maximum weight the character can carry.

The keys in the icon panel conrespond to the numeric keys on the keyboard. All functions refer to icons in the luggage or the equipment being carried: [T] Give something to another member of the party [2] Give gold to another member of the party 27 [S] Give rations to another member of the party [4] Use it Collect gold from members of the party Look at it [7] Open the first page of the set-up display Put it down 9j Exit from the set-up display If an item from the rucksack can also be carried by hand or on your body, you can get it by clicking first on the item and then on the relevant part of the body If an item is to be taken from the character's body and placed in the rucksack, simply click the item on the relevant part of the body THE DRAWER Whenever the party is moving in a 3-D area a map of the area involved is always drawn automatically as long as there is sufficient light and the active character is not blind.

A section of the map is displayed below the party ID at the left. To the right of that below the legend explaining the symbols you used on the map there are the nine icons with which you can move the section of the map on the display and exit from the map if you wish. The keys in the icon panel coincide with those on the numeric keypad. To do this, select the dialogue icon and if necessary on the 2-D display click with the mouth cursor on the person you wish to ask.

Brief dialogue: Some people will not enter into a protracted discussion. When you speak to them, just a single text window appears showing the information these people are giving. If the text covers more than one text window, the next part of the text is displayed by pressing the LMB. When all the text has been displayed you can scroll up and down through it with the mouse and can close the text window again by pressing the RMB.

Long dialogue: When someone is in a longer discussion, the dialogue display appears. Below the party ID the person involved, the gold and rations of the active character and the icon panel are displayed to the right of the poster. A text window appears at the left and may perhaps show a list of items which can be used for certain actions.

The icons on the action panel match the numeric keypad. The two arrows scroll through the list if it exceeds one page of text. Select an expression by clicking on it with the LMB. If the expression you require is not in the list, click on the mouth icon.

A text window appears into which you can type an expression of up to 20 letters in length. The character being spoken to will respond to the expression selected or input. But do not just rely on the existing list of expressions. Certain key words which occur in the reply can give you further valuable information about the person involved.

THE CAMP You can make camp at many places where your party can rest from the toil of the adventure and where you can learn and practice magic spells.

A picture of the camp is shown below the party ID at the left.


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