Oameni de stiinta francezi au dezvaluit rezultatele unui studiu asupra sobolanilor hraniti cu porumb modificat genetic. Rozatoarelor le-a fost dat sa manance porumb modificat genetic al companiei americane Monsanto. La capatul acestui experiment, sobolanii au dezvoltat tumori canceroase de dimensiunea unei mingi de ping-pong. Rezultatele sunt alarmante', a declarat profesorul Gilles-Eric Seralini, de la Universitatea din Caen, conducatorul proiectului de cercetare. Studiul a relevat o rata de mortalitate semnificativ mai mare la rozatoarele care au fost hranite cu porumb modificat genetic tratat cu erbicid in comparatie cu sobolanii care au beneficat de porumb obisnuit.

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Some concern them as toxic and particularly dangerous, while others they consider the optimal solution in the event of famine in mass.. The technology that provides new properties of the body by transferring genes from one to another or which interfere with its genetic modification is called the technology gene. Below is aimed at the cell where it is satisfied that the genes and then select the product that interests us. All these products are obtained by the technique of genetic engineering among which :.

To improve the color and flavor fruit and vegetables; Increasing time of conservation measures; The production of fruit and vegetables on a seasonal throughout the year; Changing the nutritious qualities : potatoes more rich in starch which absorb the cooking oil from in smaller amounts. Like any other industry and food industry modified organisms presents the advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantages of GMOS are related to the size of the economic , not at all on the protection of human health. Time and cost to the cultivation of such foods have been reduced. The vegetables modified organisms have been designed in such a way as to be resistant or even tolerance to the herbicide, chemical substance intended for the killing of weeds detrimental to agriculture.

The disadvantages of genetically modified organisms may be: Are toxic to other organisms for example, insects. The taste of the food modified organisms is no longer the same Possible damage to the environment.

May appear various allergies or those already existing may worsen. May appear ecological imbalances Various damage to the human body. What are the risks of genetically modified organisms on the health of the consumers? It try removing on the market of genetically modified organisms, some hypermarkets they have removed permanently from the shelves up to the present day. However is still import gm food, buyers being attracted by the appearance of the more pleasant of them in the case of fruit and vegetables , Or simply the novel leave fooled by the fact that he did not read the label.

A study has demonstrated that morphology and biochemical structures of guinea-pigs are very similar to those of the people, especially in the context in which is aimed at the introduction of In as the image, two guinea-pigs of the many of the GMOsame in age group. The bottom one is a human food. This fabulous scientific progress is still a Pandora box.

As long as we do not know fully sinfulness are not fully. Find pleasure in the simple things in life which you are offered, do not be slaves of flavorings artificial.

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Oon Koo. Josh Flake. Sahana Philip J. Asiwome Charcha Kodjo Tsamenyi. Dinesh Chandra Uprety, V. R Reddy Auth. Gabriel Giordano. John Noel Garcia. Ribka Kristania Hadhiwaluyo. Rafidah Mohd Kassim. Faizan Khalid Siddiqui. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios of surface food residues in pre-Columbian ceramics from the southern Pacific region of Costa Rica as evidence of prehistoric human diets.

Serah Salem. Dileep Sahu. Paula Sarraga.


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