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Already a member? Sign In. Create Account. Resonate your identity with Naseeb journals. Express your opinions, share your thoughts, post your writings and connect with like minded people through the power of expression. Woh Ajeeb Larki. My father was a typical landlord. He had power, resources and connections.

He had a luxurious style of life. He was fond of women and alcohol. The neighbor land lord was his blood thirsty rival. The tension between them was going on for so many years. Murders, case against each others, more murders same story again and again. He was also famous for a lot of injustices he had done with other peoples. I was totally opposite of my father. A quite and reserve person. He was not happy with me. He wanted me to be like him. He wanted me to attend his parties.

I attended a few but my heart was not there. One particular morning when I woke up, I found a lot of tension going on in the house.

I was told that the opponent parties have entered our fields and we are going after them to teach them a lesson. Gun men boarded the jeeps and they headed towards the fields. My father was in the front jeep. The situation was pretty tense. Time passed by. No body came back.

I was getting anxious. I decided to go by myself. I took a jeep and headed towards the fields. It was horrible scene. Dead and injured bodies ever where.

It was a trap by the opponents. They succeeded in it. Then I saw himlying on the ground with lifeless eyes and brain scattered all over the ground. As u sow so shall u reap. It was devastating incident for me. All the responsibility fell on me. A huge task was in front of me. A few weeks later after this incident I was sleeping in my room. I suddenly woke up. I heard something like some body has jumped from the wall. I quickly grabbed my gun and slowly raised the curtain to take a look outside.

I saw a shadow moving towards my room. Some body was trying to open the door. I kept quite. The person entered the room. I could see something in the person?

The person tip toed towards the bed, raised the hand and then lowered it quickly towards the bed. But there was no body, the person found out. I attacked from behind, grabbed the hand, the person turned towards me. His chest struck mine. I noticed some thing. I pushed him towards the bed, turned on the light. He was a pretty looking man in his early twenties with a nice mustache.. Who are u? I asked him. He didn? Are u going to tell me who are u or u want me to use the force.

My name is Jamal and I want to kill malik chaudary. He responded with out any fear in his voice. I know u are not Jamal, by saying this I moved forward and pulled his mustache and also his turban. There she wasa very pretty girl was standing in front with ragging hate and anger in her eyes.

Now tell me who are u and why u want to kill malik chaudry. I asked again. He killed my brother for no reason. I have waited for so long for this day. I have promised to myself that I will kill him one day. I am very sorry to hear about your brother. I replied. You don? Then I told her that I am his son khurram and he was killed recently. I can? She didn? U can stay at my house tonight. We can talk about this in the morning. I returned her dagger and showed her the room.

She was gone in the morning. I tried to manage the village affairs but I didn? I finally decided to sell all the lands and move to Lahore. I made up mind one morning, took the jeep and headed towards my father? They were extremely surprised to see me. They pointed there guns towards me and ordered me to stop or they will shoot me. I remained calm and told them that I want to meet the chaudry. They took me to him. He was also startled to see me. I stepped forward and extended my hand towards him by saying??

I am here to finish this chain of hate and to start a new friendship??. He was a sensible guy and accepted my offer with open heart. He arranged a big party for me. Later on I told him that I am planning to move to the city and would like to sell my property to him. He gladly accepted my this offer too. The deal went thru smoothly.

I sold every thing, bought a nice house in Lahore city and moved there. I was invited to a dinner by one of my friend.

I parked the car outside. I had a good time. I was coming back and all of a sudden some thing touched back of my neck. I was scared.


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Ajeeb Larki Novel By Yaqoob Jameel Free Download



Ajeeb Larki By Yaqoob Jameel



Ajeeb Larki


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